Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trip to Jabel Jais - Highest peak in UAE

jabel jais

Jabel Hafeet in Al ain is taking all the credits for the best mountain roads ever in UAE. Well that not true. you may need to reconsider the place called Jabel Jais, situated in the Ras al Khaima emirate near to the border of Oman, also another destination into your trip dairy.

If you are planing to visit this place, there are few tips you might want to know before you make your plan.

jabel jais

jabel jais

1. Plan your trip in winter season.

In winter is bloody cold, foggy and windy and you might enjoy this transformation of atmosphere from where which you are coming. Day time you get decent sunlight and the temperature will be normal around 20 - 25 Celsius max, and in night time it may drop down to 5 or 6 with very nice cool breeze. unfortunately this is not a good camping spot unless you are well prepared and planned for it.

2. Take food and water. Since there are no restaurants or shops around any  where after leaving from the ras al khaima town. Water is really a requirement if you know what i mean. ;)

3. If you are planning for over night camping, take enough firewood and light sources, because you cant bur barren rocks. In winter it will be freezing so take you sweaters and blankets as you will need it after the dawn.

4. Fill up your Gas tak from Ras al khaima. Take few extra gallons in case if you want to keep the engine running for heat and light whole night.

5. Driving :

Use extreme caution while driving, don't hurry at all. Take your time to enjoy the ride and give your self enough time to travel. It will be better to handover the drivign seat to some one who have good experience in climbing hills.

There may be some lunatics still racing on these curved roads. So just be careful.

jabel jais

6. Photography:

If you have any plan to carry camera with you, take care to pack addition batteries and wide angle lenses. And yes of curse tripod to get some good lighttrails and star trails.

You will probably need to spend 24 hrs to get both the sunrise and sunset. Don't miss it.

7. Hiking experience:

This place a well know place for hiking enthusiasts. beware there will sharp edged rocks and loose soils. So make sure you have you first aid kit and drinking water always with you.

8. Cell phone coverage.

Its pretty good in some sides of the mountains while completely no signals in between some places on the way to the top of the mountain.

Have a great trip ahead.
Fell free to ask if you need any help.
Thanks for reading

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