Sunday, August 28, 2011

Too busy month, and too good also

This month is really awesome. Got a good nice great job and good few colleagues. All thanks to almighty, wonderful gift for this Ramzan. Not even a single guy from India in my department. I was wondering why! :D I often surprised how dramatic is life. how fast the classes and the life changes. There are some thing in reality that we can really.... really admire about. May be until next recession hit. But yeah "you'll never" get a "i'm too busy for you" statement from my side. I really don't know how to express the feeling of happiness inside.. like not so much to worry. Mom is happy, Dad is happy, my young brothers are simply rocking in their studies. and ooh my brother got admission in one of the best Government colleges in India with scholarship. He is also an artist. We used to paint and participate in competition when we where schooling. He is now going for Bachelors Degree Architecture. and may be his first project will be my dream home. Ps. Free of consultation fee.

Ok now here in Dubai. Really cool place. But now its in middle of summer. Day time temperature may go upto 50 digree centigrade at day time. Here am staying in Dubai Marina, one of the coolest place. Bit expensive though. Only Expats resides here. colorful and shopping malls and cinemas and beach and boats etc. Here is some pics that i took yesterday on the late night walk.

I mean people are really spending money on real estate and luxury. Now i think its time to take a break from whole things enjoy the lonely moments for few days. Trying to catch up and make new friends around here. I have couple of my college mates here working. But all are at different places. so its not possible to have or spent some good time together. I'll have to find few new acquaintances. 

Well Ramadan is almost over. Really had tough time. 14 hours and 30 minutes of fasting with no water and 50 degree outside in the power plant site, its tough. Only the fittest can survive this situation ;) . now i think its time to blog this new part of life. Will catch up with you people with new things and stuffs :).

And if there is any one out there in Dubai looking for some new friends, please email me or my BB pin is ***** feel free to add. Happy blogging and Advance Eid Mubarak to all of my friends and fellow bloggers.

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