Monday, January 25, 2010

Buddies Day Out

Dec 25th , 2009.

A couple of my old friends had a small get-together in our school where we studied, as usual. We used to meet on every single december 25th, for a single reason that we cant miss our school and friends. But this time there a was difference.This Year 2009, our school is going to celebrate its 25th year of 'story of success'. School had big plan 23rd jan 2010. School is going to celebrate this success in grand.

Before we went to our home. Some of us made a small plan. Give something, even if that dont worth for our school days. For those days, 5 or 6 years back.... And for our friends those who are not able to come for this celebration.

Jan 23rd, 2010.

One laptop, a broadband connection and 48 hrs of effort. We broadcasted the entire show, over the internet. A two days sleepless effort for us and an another success for year 2005 Plus 2 Batch of Farook English Medium Higher Secondary School. I should give a special thanks to 'Raheez' for his interest and dedication to get this done. Also thanks to "sanu, Rafeek, Shafeeq, jibi" and also 'salih', even though he is not from our school. And Thanks for Almighty for giving us this opportunity. . . . .

(Dedicated for all those who missed this alumini)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My 23rd birthday.... !

Yesterday we had a celebration. Thats my birthday celebration.

I had a facial with birthday cake. Everyone enjoyed,...huh ?

guess what ... This discussion isnt over, Evryone will have a birthday, And am gonna ENjoy it with Some extra cup of Icecream. I decided it. :D :D

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