Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another new year !

Sorry am late ;) Hoping this year would be just fine. There is a whole lot to explore which i have been longing for and i dont think  there will any other good chance better than this coming year. I got a huge bundle of pan.

And this is the occasion where some of us will probably go and check the archives for our last year resolution. Since we all keep a note on all new year resolution. Wait :)  Its 84% done and am happy with that. yes rest should be used for paying of the laziness. And most important thing, few new friends, even though mere acquaintanceship, still keeping touch. Thats whats really sweet. Some people have forgotten everything. What to do!  not everyone is so important in life. Should we care? Its social life. people come, people goes, few stays. Now what we do is we take care of those who are still in the list of "few stays". I really dont care. But there are some dudes really did the "dump". Shit happens, yeah but for those who with average IQ, it happens for only one time. Thats all, thats it. 

And guess what this new year we started with few of my good old friends. yeah three of them are already in here now. Two of them also got job .. sooooo what to say. Guys....  its gonna be a bachelors party on every thursday evening to saterday night. And this is what I like about this new year.

Wish you all guys a happy, great and good year ahead. Remember, listen to your heart, not to your brain. everythings gonna be alright. 

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