Monday, August 31, 2015

The ugly truth of Engineering

I started working on open source platforms for my projects in the beginning. If you ask me why, the main reason would be to reduce the cost. Since the beginning of my career, I have been always an enthusiast of open source platform for development of projects. Creating something new from nothing was exiting and interesting and kept us pushing to our limits. To be honest I still love to have my first job back, because in those days at office every day is a new day and there will always some thing new to learn.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Taking it to the street - Photography in Dubai

When you want to take your photography skill to the streets, it’s not going to be a very easy task to get accomplished. For any average photographers and beginners, it’s a moment that need to be faced and experienced. It’s like you are going to ride an elephant. It’s embarrassing, it’s intimidating, and it’s exhilarating until you get the feel of the street. Once you get the feel and you will be seemingly merging into the crowed and get the best street photographs of your life.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A rock band - Thaikudam Bridge

This post is definitely not going to be an interesting one for you  if you have never ever tuned to the music of this band called Thaikudam Bridge. I am frequent listener of the FM radio shows while on the traveling or driving. And came across this particular Rock music in Malayalam and was quite impressive with the composition of that particular song. The name of the song "Fish Rock" and was from a new band called "Thaikudam Bridge". To be honest that, this one was a real hit in south India and most of the young bloods would have probably enjoyed it just like us.  I personally could resist sharing their work. This is the one I liked very much and its a live show. Even i came to know names of different fishes in malayam from this song :D

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nature through a 50 mm lens

Due to some unforseen circumstances I had to leave to my home country for a small vaccation just for two weeks. The last minute preperations and hassle went bit out of plan and was not able to finish all thing which i was planned to do. Getting in the middle of nowhere traffic block was an awsome experience. Just link any other trips, my plan was to get maximum clicks. Even though time was limited, I have to admit every single efforts payed off. I want to share few of my best shot in this blog post. feel free to use these images if you want.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer desert heat 2015

This was a planned trip into the middle of a desert. The entire event was so adrenaline filled. I was not sure to make it up to the event in time due to heavy schedule at work. luckily i was able to finish on time and called my friends and gave confirmation the i will joining. My policy towards work will remain same high priority. jokes and fun apart, i respect my job seriously and do what ever it take to get it done. More over my friends are the one who should know about this policy of mine rather than any one else. There are times i was not able to reach one time due to unforeseen incidents. After all we all are engineers. This is the way we decided to live.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Through the roads of the western ghats - Wayanad


All roads were leading to beautiful destinations. This place is in India where 97% of the land belong to the government as a wild life reserve. That is wayanad district in Kerala, India. You look around, its green everywhere. Typical tropical climate where temperature around 26°C.

'The land of paddy fields" stretches along the northeast border of Kerala state.

2:30 hrs from Calicut International airport and there is no rail Network in this district. Since we, my wife and me, had only two days to travel around, we thought about having a road trip around this district and visit any few places on the way. And also decided  to stay in somewhere there itself in the night, because the night drive can be really risky in these roads.

Friday, February 20, 2015

New year celebration Dubai 2015.

I know its been more than two months since the new year celebration was over. But as a matter of fact there were quite a big celebration out there i was really happy to see the celebration from the best view point across the sea just right in front of the Dubai Burj al arab hotel. It was an awesome and exclusive show. I think you might have already seen it on youtube. If not yet its the right time to search for it and watch it.

I was also lucky enough to get few shot which was extremely awesome. And i am very much happy to share it with you guys.

If you want you can use this image but please leave a credit back link to my page. here or my facebook page 

You can click on the image to get the full size image. It really big. Definitely will fit in your monitor wallpaper. I have few more fireworks back in my laptop. I will upload tht one also as soon as possible. 

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