Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The decisions we make.

" I miss her a lot. And tried to keep up the contacts. I thought she likes me. We used to call and chat  and ofcourse she talks like she care me a lot. This girl never showed any kind of dislike or hatred through any means or at any time. We were more than just friends, and my friends used to envy me. I thought i was in love and i was soooo happy. Days just passed and never knew that, to her i'm just a friend. Yes, just a friend. I did worry when she was forgetting me. Still not knowing its my fate or my mistake. Not knowing she is doing it purposefully or not. One day she will understand me that i cared her a lot, loved her a lot. but that day, would be ...way too far from this day and i would have been moved on.

Yes, I will move on. This is my life and I have the right to live it. Even though its hurts me a lot, I will forget you. I have to.

Sorry dear, I still love you. May god bless you."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Real time Blogging.

After seeing the movie social network, a new concept came into my mind. I call this one as real time blogging. Its like blogging everything and anything that comes into your mind while you are working. opening a new webpage in the browser and typing all the stufffs u think about that while you are at the work. Sound like a cool idea. and ofcourse a cool thing for guy like me who always sit in front of the computer and who is always available on line.

I am not sure about this idea whether it will steel my working time or not. but i am sure that i can give a pause to my continuous straining. Anyway its taking a while to load these webpages in this 256 kps line that i am using right now. ok let me be more specific about this concept, in that film Social Network, Mark is hacking and steeling the pictures, while he was blogging at the same time. He is mentioning every step how he got into the network. this is really kinda geeky thing. but its something more like a creative article where people can read and experience the real time happening of scenario as it is. there is no editing, no grammer checks, no spell checks. Just as it is.

One of the major advantage i see is that, the narrator is live on what he is writing. He can be descriptive in situations where he thinks that a particular part need some additional explanations. He wont be loosing the overall idea of what he have done so for. This is one of the major problems seen in development areas. I mean in areas or sections where a product development is going on. This can be also used as a future reference and recap long working hours.

I'll be trying this concept for upcoming projects and works. and yeah i will be using time tags. That means each monologue that reported will be append with a time tag at their receptive time. My aim is nothing but to calculate how much time will be required to get things done. In whole from top to bottom or even in part by part.

Ok now i have been trying this blog, as i mentioned above. I was working on upgrading my company website. at the same time i am blogging. so far so good. But now i am facing one problem that since i was concentrated in writing the intro i lost the work flow in the work that i am currently doing now. and still the internet is too slow today. I am also trying to type things with out looking at the key board. Since the net is too slow i am getting enough time to blog now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clicks and Talks

Now a days i'm really missing a lot of things..
Trying to get back into track.. just they way i always like it...
always.  :( mis u .

Sunday, December 5, 2010

And finally CBI got wacked.

Today morning  i woke up with the newspaper holiding and reading the entire quarter page. A dude from neighbouring country replaced the contents of CBI website.

Then i quickly opened my laptop and started searching for the real news, and also for the owner who claim this is done by them. I found this and believe as a reliable sourse for this news. and ofcourse i checked the list of 270 websites. here is the list i found.

And trust me i have tried this one. :) they did it perfectly like a 8th grade kid, doing fancy stuff in javascript. Cool animation stolen from some on else. and bunch of crapy codes which we use for decorating cheap websites.
here is the screen shot.

There is a matrix effect, in that page. its a cool math thingy and the real coder who did it and published in his blog Richard Womersley (

There is a cool math function using javascript that make the window go round and round.

By the way many people hates maths ;). And the most funny part is that they realy gotta a message for indian folks. So glad to see that too :). here it is.

OK. enough fun ! Lets get serious. Why this happened to all these 270 websites and including.?
Answer is quiet simple. They just got exploited through the web forms they used to submit data from the user. Example. The contact-us forms. Most of the noob coders and web designers depend upon the freely available ready made forms for this purpose and its damn sure there is a lot of loop holes to get these exploited. and many of these free codes and kept there free on websites for a 'purpose', I dont believe people in these days do a quite a lot of 'charity'. I am damn sure that most of these sites just got exploited through contact forms. 

There is another possibility to replace the contents in a website by bypassing the SQL queries. Coding is tricky and bit complicated. never happened in this attacks. Every single attack use the same single method parsing php code through the POST method. 

And you know, this attack has limits. but as deadly. fortunatly most the server settings comes with readonly attibute exept to the real onwer of the account. If this wasn't the case. the pointer files like index.htm, default.htm, index.php can be easly replace with the desires content. That means instead of posting HEX786.html, they could replace the index.htm or index.php files. :) cheers.

The similar story just happened fews days before. I dont believe this is done by any one of the so called indian cyber army or stuffs.. Some crack head broke into the some pakistani website and inserted a similar page called indian.html. Cheers to those noobs.  here is the 40 lists

This attacks can create panic wide over world. but the fact is that. its a scam nothing to fear. Ofcourse it an intrution. but not at all vital. There is a lot of method you can secure your website by just following some fool proof methods.

Here they are. :
1. learn pit falls of Php and >Net than learning how to do matix calculation using them.
2. Restrict user access, use classes, subclass and includes when ever possible. protect these function in a external folder with no acess.
3. create a stripslashes function and use it when ever there is a input function from user. Theory is that never ever trust user data. Buy one, if u dont know how to make one. :) yeah buy one.
4. Use htacces efficiently. 
5. make things complicated. or fake it like complicated. 

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