Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pretention changes ..

Alright. First thing first. Its been a long time since I posted something here and i really, reeaaallly missed a lot of posting from my blogger friends. Thing is that I just got busy with the work. And yeah .. thats right. Its time to change the 'pretending' thing into something else. And today, I completed a demo project, actually the second one, ahead of schedule and now i got a few hours to get relaxed and have some fun. Actually i never got time to even browse my gmail inbox. and dont worry about 'no comments' from me in your blog for few these days. I'm gonna pay for that ;)

Ok...lets get back to business.

As a fresher, searching for jobs, i got many opportunities to meet many companies, guys, and freaks too. And eventually i came acroos many fraud activities that are taking advantage of poor innocent students. Well details later..

And by the way, today we got a brand new lenevo laptop. We dont know what to do with that with all IT policies applied in it.

this is my new harmless virus. Just to threaten the other guys who are using my system.... Hi hi ;)

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