Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Levitation Photography tryouts

Practically impossible photos. That's what people call for these kind of photography technique.
And you need some who is not so shy to try this out in a public place. It keeps the amusement, make people to stare again and again to make sure what they see is correct.

Here you need a plan. You need to visualize the image in your mind before you click. Minimum two images of the same frames. One with subject and the other one without subject. Then you merge it together and get rid of the unwanted portions. Take care of the shadows and reflections. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

HDR photography again

When you are dooing HDR cooking of multiple exposure images always make sure you dont do over cooking.

Here is a small illustration of HDR image

Many tutorials are available in the internet. Just google HDR processing or techniques.
some of the world class items just for inspiration. http://www.hdrprocessing.co.uk/
http://hdrsoft.com/. By the way you need to know the state of the art image processing application software liek photoshop or light room . 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

HDR - High dynamic range photography

HDR is an art. Basically it is the art of overcoming the limitation of you camera. What you do is very simple. You take multiple shots of the same seen with different exposure. Combine all the different exposure photos together in any image editing softwares like photoshop. Mask the under exposure and over exposure in proportion to make it a high dynamic range image. 

There are plenty of tutorials available online. Go check for it. Happy HDR.

Photographed as it is.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Caught up in a moment

This was an experimental shoot. And lucky enough i was able to get this moment.
Water spray.  

Memories which recoverd.

This obsession towards the awesomeness of amazing photographs was there for a long time. Changes are happening. Incidents, activities, moments that can never be returned. It is there in every body's life. No one remember to get a piece of it to keep it in your wallet at-least for a few ample of time.

Considering our childhood days, it very easy now a days to keep the moments with you. Everybody is having a cellphone with camera. When is the last time your took the picture of your loved one? or the last time you took your happy little ones birthday party in your camera? 

I remember taking photos in a VGA camera which is owned by my friend when i was in school.
I dont know where is all those pictures. May be its there in the CD bundles which I left in my home. After seeing all those stupid funky face returning to life after a long time through facebook, i felt really missing. Good old school days. Lately now some of our friends who kept this precious moments with them started showing up in FB and i was like .. oh m GOD ! he/she still keeps it. Look how kiddy we all were. Now few of my lady classmates have kids of that age which we were in those photos. It was absolutely amazing. 

Since that moment, I realised how important is to keep all those little small memories in life. After all we get amazing jobs, we get family, we get busy in life. Still we may miss those days which we left. I decided to keep them alive. Next thing on the list of thing to do when i get back home it to dig everything back. Recover all those which is possible. I dont care how much Data space I need to spare. And i just bought a new camera to keep my memories alive :) cheers. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Remember Fasting is of 3 levels

Remember Fasting is of 3 levels:

Which of these three types of fasting do we intend to do?

1. Siyam al-‘awaam (common person) – this is only fasting from food, water and sexual desire. Fasting in this way allows you to fulfill your obligation but this category of fasting does not get the blessings and benefit from Ramadan.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Many people who fast get nothing from their fast except hunger and thirst, and many people who pray at night get nothing from it except wakefulness (Darimi). Therefore they were not saved from Hell-Fire or forgiven all their previous sins.

Abu Huraira related that the Prophet said: If a person does not avoid false talk and false conduct during Siyam, then Allah does not care if he abstains from food and drink (Bukhari, Muslim).
2. Siyam al-khawaas (specific person) – this involves fasting of the limbs. Therefore, your eye is fasting from looking at anything haram, your hands are fasting from touching anything haram (stealing, magazine etc), your mouth is fasting from uttering anything haram (lying, backbiting etc).
3. Siyaam khawaas al-khawaas – this involves fasting from everything apart from Allah. It’s as if you are on hold for Allah in this month.
You might be at work, but your heart is with Allah; you might be cooking but your heart and thoughts are with Allah. We should all try to attain this level, at least some of the days of Ramadan, if not all


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy new year 2013.

Again another new year. It was simply an awesome celebration. This time i went to Dubai Marina to view the colour full fire fountains in the sky. This one is nothing when compared to the show that was help in Burj Khalifa tower. Next time i have planned already in Atlantis with my sweet heart.

Here is a small show. enjoy.

Fishing time out in Dubai

This was a very nice experience. Had a little fun fishing in deep blue sea waters.

this is the catch :)

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