Friday, September 25, 2009

Along with Kiddies

I dont know why most of the kids in my family like me. Even the most crying kid in family become comfortable with me with in few minutes after getting acquainted. I have to say my grand family have hell number of kids, in different sizes that can run between my legs.

I noticed that most of the kid come to me with a punch or kick or something like fighting action, when ever we meet. Some used to hang on my neck, especially two guys. Some used to hang on my hand and ask me to lift them up in air. Some girlys used to check my shirt pockets and always follow me holding my pants or fingers. Little grown ups, will be fighting for my cell phone to get new songs and play new games.

Yesterday when i went to my mothers house. I used to keep my shoe on the doorstep. When i was about to leave my shoe was missing. A 4 yrs old kid found my shoe was much comfortable to him and he was wearing that and he was running around the courtyard with that in his feet !

Since Sunday was off, I took some of them to the beach as Eid trip which I promised them. we spent whole evening out there. I spent a whole night to clean up my car entirely from the sand.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A pencil Sketch ...

I have absolutely no idea why i did this sketch. I found this pic in the corner of an old news paper, in which something was packed using that paper. I just reproduced it. I was looking for a good name for this pic. Since this pic has no 'intentions' i cant find a name. So i thought, I should give that to u people. So here is the deal. U suggest a name. The best one will be choosen.... ! :)

Ok now... lets get back to something else. Actually i forgot to post this before. I was returning from my college. I was in railway station. My friend went to take the tickets and it was almost 2 in midnight. I was getting sleepy. and i found all seats were already filled with sleeping people. We got the ticket and went to platform no 2. Situation was the same with the seats there. We have to wait 1 more hour for our train. I was so tired and my eyes were too sluggish to focus. I stood there, struggling to open my eyes. After a few minutes, i found 'this guy' appearing from somewhere around the corner. He searched for something.... and he was like he got it. He sat there, stretched his arms and legs, gave out a big yawn.....and started to sleep nicely lying there.

Can u imagine that. !!!

Even though i have paid enough for the sleeper class tickets including waiting charge, platfrom charge, and even insurance, I was not able to even sit somewhere. And this guy was soooo coool like he own that place. No tickets and Nothing to worry.

My anger was rising like hell. I really really wanned to kick that stupid dog.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Empire ... !

Yes . The Empire. Thats what we called our-self in the college. 4 golden years we lived there. Together.We say it an art of friendship. The only thing we all miss is that.

A pic taken from the rooftop of our Empire Home. Its Mr.Y

I went to my college yesterday. I had to get my certificate. I didnt feel nothing special about it. A very coldy place. Every one seems to be sleeping. And some old faces were too busy with academics and no time to smile. Some came running to get meet old friends and were chatting till we sayed good bye.

I felt very Nostalgic when i saw the gate of our empire building staying closed. That house might have a hell story to tell about us. It was the only place where I can find sleep. *sigh* Those days are over. I say we were lucky for somethings and unlucky for some other things. Any way those days are gone.

We still remain friends and will be remaining thus forever.

This pic was taken from sakeer's bro's marriage. Its me on the leftside (green shirt )

This pic was taken in a trip. I think I have posted it somewhere else..

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Friday, September 4, 2009

My new Blog Design.

Totally customizable and Decent Cool Looks, these were the things that I had in my mind while I was searching for new template. By the way am on to corporate level now. I think i'll have to change my tweaky - geeky - freaky style to a black and white - gentle man - free style. I hate it though. What so ever, am just PRETENDING it anyway. :D . I am too lazy to start designing from scrach. So I digged this from some other site. This is purely an xml template and supports all addons, widgets and gadgets provided with Google. A simple, small sized, clean and executive looks.

I reduced the Images and css styling to reduce the crowdy feeling. Also reduced the images to a very extend to reduce the traffic speed. No images was just too boring. I actually found this one site and had a feeling that I can customize it and I decided to work on it. The courtesy link is given below. There were many other templates available there. But nothing was so spacious like this.

Well then now I think I actually missed a lot of post from my dear blogger friends and I'll glad if u guys let me know how u feel about this template. Any way if anybody wants the codes please let me know. Its open source ;). I mean anyone can use it for all nonprofitable excuses... :) I'll be 'gladder' if u find any buggs and inform me :D. Thanks for now and see U guys.

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