Sunday, March 27, 2011

Community Products

When there is a chance to make up what all we know and what all we dont know, we have to give it a go. I really got an opportunity to explore the possibilities of Open source platform. The IDEA is a community site. Its not just a blog, its not just an entertainment site, its not just an static advertisement forum. But its all about making things together from different places.

Well i am not talking about facebook. I am talking about the content management sites. Especially here, joomla. My favorite. I know for criticizers, its heavy, laggy, and boring. But when we compare the features the future lies with in that particular system they have been following for more than 13 years. Joomla has been used by many. But only got popular with the in issue of version 1.5. Thanks to the investment made by the geeks and coders all around the world to contribute to this project.

Well, in the beginning. i started using CMS in blogspot. Yes here itself. but i didnt knew the thing i used to post my articles is a CMS application. but on the course, i understood the future. Did spent some time on it. Well i was able to host couple of sites in joomla. Now this talk is about the particular site i did with Kottakkal Cable Vision, a local news channel -  . Its a local news channels site just uploaded few days. I certainly have no idea how much they are going to exploit the facilities in it. Everything is opensource, free and samples. Ofcourse i did hide some of their links to native and home sites. There are some bugs and i hope no one will find it out before i make it up.

The features includes User Management, Blogs, Front end article submission . It has some bug on this free template design i used. So i am forced to use the native template for that article submission part, then rich text editors, Google gadgets, and oo i forgot about facebook and twitter gadgets. then kunena discussion forum, which had plenty of Bugs. Then Jforms ... some Joomla Vision Modules. there are still a lot. I cant remember. Ok I took 1 solid month to make it like this. Its having poor design and uses Malayalam Fonts kartika. I didnt give the download link to it. Will be given shortly. Chat box is there... Ok. now i have to find some application to connect users. Just like the modules they use in Jcow, and social engine. and then Youtube. RTMP players for live radio.

Now we have future plan to integrate a TV live feed using Flash Media server, with a help of 2Mbps Line and a Multicast router. And oooo i forgot to tell. since hostgator is providing unlimited email addres provision, i have configured a email server also. click . Thing is that it is not on SSL and dont have any guarentee for lose of data. Google is providing same facility along with their webmail application for free. But it has limit to 7GB space and 49 email address. If you can spare a 50$.. you can have it for unlimited emails and webspace.

Soo.. guys if any Mallus interested in being a blogger and posting materials in this site please fell free to register in it. I can give you an official email addres like :D hi hi hi.

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