Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Long exposure photography try outs.

Light trails.. life trails

An admiration. An appreciation. Just the voice spelled by the word "wow". This is what you get for the hardship and home work you have done make something a success. You will take pride for the rest of your life and the rest of people will talk about for a few days. Share the admiration and envy the success and then done. Its gone. Its forgotten. Its a part of never written pages of history.
I know a lot of people personally and professionally who is the type who can bring that "wow" into you. Most of them are lost in the days of that unwritten pages. Nobody remember them now. May be there's too much pages. May be there's nothing at all. I recall them as heros of that time.
All you can recollect from the past was useless pieces of memories. When I try to put all in a place, the heros were nomore heros. When the time passes all you get is light trails of memories. Very vague.

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