Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home made Incubator

My Brother and me have designed and developed a small incubator system using the some theories fund in the internet. Basic factors where humidity and temperature. We designed a system that provide the rated factors. Ofcourse its not fully automatic, but some kinda semi automatic.

Theory goes here:

When you consider how to make egg incubator, you must consider all the things that an incubator has to do. Here's a short list of bullets to consider when making an egg incubator.

-Temperature Control
Your homemade incubator must be able to maintain a steady temperature appropriate to the species you are trying to hatch. The incubation area must be in an area that is free from direct sunlight and drafts. The temperature control doesn't matter, as long as it can be adjusted in increments. A thermometer should be present in the enclosed area to measure and maintain the appropriate level of heat. Optimum temperature required in 37.9 digree celcius

-Humidity Control
Your homemade incubator must be able to maintain a steady humidity level, appropriate to the species you are trying to hatch. An easy way to accomplish this by building in plans for a pan of water to be placed under the incubator to raise humidity, and vents or slots in the incubator to lower humidity, as needed. Optimum requirement is 85 to 87 %

-Turning Mechanism
If you aren't able to build an automatic turning mechanism into your design, you have to ensure that the enclosed area is not sealed, that is, it can be opened easily in order to access the eggs quickly to turn them, without significant change in heat or humidity. Ofcourse we dont have an automatic turning system.

The base of your incubator needs to be a material that is easily removable, or easily cleaned. Also, the flooring should not be made of certain materials, as they may be poisonous to the species being raised. Cedar chips, for example, are poisonous to quail and should never be used as flooring.


Pallets India said...

Hi shafi,
Nice to see ur post. Just want to know...have u successfully hatched any egg using ur product? Would appreciate a reply in

Unknown said...

Hallo frd,
Iam Ajo from ernakulam. I want to do the incubator assumbly in my home.pls help me. If u ready, you give the full details of egg incubator in malayalam language and some drawings and its working procedure.
Thank You
Ph 0484-2680464
mob 9496336440

Kandathinkara (H)
Kizhakkambalam P.O
Njaralloor Kara
Ernakulam Distic
Kerala State
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Shafi said...

Hi Pallets, Ajo

The thing was working but, it is not good for a commercial application.
Just these factors need to be maintained, temperature = 36,37 digree, 85% humidity - just keep some water is a small plate.

and most important thing, rotate the egg for every 1.5 hours.

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