Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Attitude .... its a different thing.

Well i am talkin about the attitude. People think in different ways. We used to say positive attitude & negative attitude. I guess there we need much more classification for the attitude of a person.

An example:

If you were the managing director of Microsoft co-orperation and you have signed a bit difficult assignment with one of your client. You have to get this project done within the limited time. And as you know, you have a collection of staff. So you have assign somebody to this job. Whom will you pick ?

guess for sometime. Definitely we all will be picking the best staff for this assignment. right? Here comes the attitude play.

"I would choose the most laziest person to do a difficult job, because we would figure out himself an easiest way to get that job done" - Mr. Bill Gates.

See thats the attitude what i was talkin about. This is a note written by one of my friend in the wall of our room. I believe he too got some attitude.

See some kinda different attitude here. Antifeminism ...... he he he

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dark and cold nights.....

Nights are always considered as the worst time. Especially in movies and all, the ghost and blood sucking vampires comes in the middle of night. I dont even understand why people is having a misunderstanding here. Why they are afraid of nights or why they are making people to be afraid. It doesnt make any sense to me.

This is a bit different with me. I love walking in the night, and if its a clear sky with moon, i cant resist. I love riding and driving in the nights, especially long drives, When the shadows falls...Then the roads calls me .... through the wide open streets, and the city sleeps.... no one to shout "watch it ...punk" at me. And the moon watches me...smiles at me.

street lights yellow rays hit the roads and reflect into a golden color...where everything near shine as a jewelery shop.... The white divider lines on the road guide me the way.... and a lot more things. this is just beautiful.

Oh ... i forgot to introduce my cute little stereo FM receiver. I Love you all radio jokeys.... of 91.9, 93.5, 101.5, 102.7, 103.5 & 104.6 .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long drive through countryside !

Today's just beautiful. I started driving from morning itself. Yesterday my uncle asked me if i can drive him to one of our relative, who is staying very far from our place. I was so thrilled. I love driving. Its a long drive through narrow roads along the country side. Hills and valleys. The rain was peeping through clouds. I thought it could happen a heavy rain. yeah but not so heavy.

This is one of my favorite place. I am on top of a hill just beside the Calicut International airport. If you stand here you can see the giant metal bird landing and taking off. Its really cool to watch. We used to watch it when we were kids. Its been a long time now.

These are quaries, you know, the remaining of rocks. Now its acting like a reservoir to the nature itself. It collect water and allows to drain into deep. Most of the vegetation and people in this area depends upon this. After seeing this what should be there in my mind? Humans are exploiting mother-nature ? i didnt feel that way because, if these rocks were as such, these places would have been a deserted area, with no water, no plants, no trees, no people....

I dont know what to say. I believe the one who created this world, w'd be definitely having an answer for this. definitely he knows whats gonna happen !

Friday, June 12, 2009

A word for Destiny & survival !

Today i went to calicut .... searching for my Destiny. Cool roads, i was wondering y there is no heavy traffic today. These raods must be crowded. What happened.

I dont wanna be a looser choosing whats not just that opt for me. A lot of options. Who gets benefited? me or my destiny. After all i hv to trust myself that, I had plenty of playing with difficult times. I tried to stay cool. But When it comes to time when someone ask me "hey, heard u completed Engineering... Whats yo plan now..?" I am going outta mind jus causing diziness in neck. I guess its just as natural as an exam fever that happen in some people. Some times i feel confident and some times i am feeling that i am loosing that.

So what now. I cant say fkn goodbye to everything. I wont be able to get what all i need. Its a sure my dreams are realistic & fkn awesome, never can be achieved with my present situation. I dont care about that. I hv learned to live without regrets for intentionally misguiding my ideological fanaticisms. All i worried is that i dont know what am i going to loose or just what am i missing. I even lost my temper reading a stupid post on a blog....

So today onwards i decided what i need is... just that. I want to stay cool. Stay cooooool. I dont know how! Funny huh. But i'll learn it. What ever it takes.

But hey... i guess. i am not the only person with all these thing in my mind.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RAP with 640 watts PMPO

Its been a long time that i hv'been thinking of buying a Woofer for my home music system. I had two option 240 Watts S2 pioneer. and a 160 watts kenwood. They coems as a package including box. There were other local brands models also. But thing i noticed is that the price for these local brands were too low when compared to the top model. And the Box is not available with these local models.

Since the store keeper is a friend of mine he suggested me to take the local brand 640 woofer and a Bassboot ampifier and connect. Actually he never tried such one. He asked me if i can do that he will give the ready made spare amplifier circuit. What i have to do is some sodlering work of the filter circuit. I designed bass/filter from there itself on a piece of plastic. It is just a combination of variable resister circuit. it just filter the voltage level to the speakers. Since he is having a lab on his own store that was easy.

So I bought the Apex woofer and came home. I got few pieces of plywood and stared working on the box. I thought 10 mm thickness of the plywood would be enough. And after 2 hours. I finished it.

This is the pic of my design. I tested and the result was a sucess. But there was some problem when the volume is increased to very high, the box is running all over the floor. It doesnt have enough weight to take the beats. Reverberation was OK. No resonance. No howling. It can even shake the doors and windows panels. Now i need to fix some rubber-bush to hold it on to floor. I think i could market this !. And linkin park songs are awsome... wonderful. I think i really missed these beats when its up to RAPPING. ha ha Wow.... BOOOM BBHOOOM.... BOOOM BBHOOOM.... BOOOM BBHOOOM....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Football fans after the final match !

I took this soon after the football final match was over. When it comes to football its a madness, its something much more or better influenced among people. Each and every boy in my place love football. Its a celebration. Some crack heads like to blow up the ground while the ceremony taking place at one corner.

You might like this.

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