Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unexplained Is Not Inexplicable

A lot of unanswered "why" type question from a kid made me really got irritated. I thought why this kid want to know all these stuffs? and some question made me sit like a stupid coz i dont have an answer, i mean i was not able to explain things. I was sure the questions are pretty cool and ofcourse demand an answer. for each questions these kid ask, i needed a few minutes to think. I'll give an example. "Why all fans are rotating to one side, why not to the opposite side?". A decent normal question which can be expected from an interviewer. Another one. "why people are saying 'sun rise in the east'..? isnt it 'east is the place where sun rises' ? ". 

Many people are overconfident enough to think that if they cannot explain something, it must be inexplicable and therefore a true mystery of the paranormal. An amateur archeologist declares that because he cannot figure out how the pyramids were built, they must have been constructed by space aliens. Even those who are more reasonable at least think that if the experts cannot explain something, it must be inexplicable. Feats such as the bending of spoons, firewalking, or mental telepathy are often thought to be of a paranormal or mystical nature because most people cannot explain them. When they are explained, most people respond, "Yes, of course" or "That's obvious once you see it." Firewalking is a case in point.

People speculate endlessly about supernatural powers over pain and heat, or mysterious brain chemicals that block the pain and prevent burning. The simple explanation is that the capacity of light and fluffy coals to contain heat is very low, and the conductivity of heat from the light and fluffy coals to your feet is very poor. As long as you don't stand around on the coals, you will not get burned. (Think of a cake in a 450°F oven. The air, the cake, and the pan are all at 450°F, but only the metal pan will burn your hand. It has a high heat capacity and high conductivity, while air and cake are light and fluffy and have a low heat capacity and low conductivity.) This is why magicians do not tell their secrets. Most of their tricks are extremely simple and knowing the secret takes the magic out of the trick.

There are many genuine unsolved mysteries in the universe and it is okay to say, "We do not yet know but someday perhaps we will." The problem is that most of us find it more comforting to have certainty, even if it is premature, than to live with unsolved or unexplained mysteries.

But what about the unanswered questions. Last day i went to pay the telephone bill, the time was 2 o clock. the officer said the counter will close at 1 o'clock. I asked "why you are closing at 1 o clock, what you are going to do till 4 o clock? " That was bit loud.  He was looking at me like what the hell.??  He was not sure what to say. I think this is the first time he questioned like this. Since people were watching and i don't want to make a scene there, I didn't waited for his answer.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lets get Hacked

OKay time to go little geeky.. ;) Nothing personal here...

 Search engines are the one of the most used and most Exploited facility available on internet, where u have to be careful not to lose your valuable data. During the first half of 2008, Microsoft removed almost 9 million copies of Win32/Zlob from infected computers - more than twice as many as any other threat. In their Security Intelligence Report 5 they described Zlob infections like this: "Once installed on the target computer, Zlob bombards the user with pop-up advertisements and fake 'spyware warnings' that are actually advertisements for rogue security software". An especially prevalent way to get Zlob during that times was to be prompted to install a missing Codec or Video player when visiting a site advertised by a spam message. The most popular type that even we are facing today. And do u know whos the major career. :) Yes ofcourse google. Ofcouse you cannot blame Google for this. May be you can appreciate the guy behind this technique :D.

On November 19th, Microsoft announced that their Malicious Software Remove Tool could now remove the newest batch of fake antivirus products, and that in the first 9 days of the new release, they had removed 994,000 of these fake products, which they refer to collectively as Win32/FakeSecSen.

Wait, HAD BEEN? Yes. To point out, that of those 944,061 machines which detected as infected, only 198,812 had an ACTIVE infection including the "exe". The other 700,000 or so had actually already had the infection declawed, either manually or by another anti-virus program, but residual files indicating the former infection were still present. In other words, the MILLION MACHINES CLEANED was really TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND MACHINES DISINFECTED, and EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND CLEANED UP A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN THEY ALREADY HAD BEEN. This details are from the records and that has been identified. Guess the counts of those who really dont know the fact that they have been just infected. :|

Here we go with an old example. You might have experience and wonder why would some one create a website this kind of weird name. In the current example, the hacker is using the site "", which they have just registered December 19th 2009. More than a million Google hits show that he has injected redirectors all around the Internet pointing to this site.


Sites like,, countless media outlets, magazines, universities, and other websites can be found in the search engines in this way. The hackers get these entries into Google by littering tens of thousands of blog comments, guestbook entries, and imaginary blog stories all around the Internet. So, to choose one of the non-pornography related search terms, a hacker has written a program to comment on people's blog entries with a link to:

Now, if someone is searching for the phrase "download fruityloops 6 free", (fruityloops is apparently a music mixing software) because of Microsoft's popularity, their search term will take them to the number one position on Google.

The same technique has been used for many hundreds of phrases associated with pornography and software piracy. Some example search terms (and there are TENS OF THOUSANDS) all of which will give you the Microsoft open redirector as the #1 search result on Google:

"microsoft office 2002 download"
"hacking private myspace accounts"
"download runescape password hack"
"xxx rated joke"
"live free hardcore sex cams"


Some of the other sites with open redirectors being targeted by this attacker include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Visiting the website redirects the visitor to, which in turn currently redirects the user to the site:, which pops up a warning:

 Clicking "OK" on the warning, SEEMS to start a scan of your system, but a closer look will indicate that you are actually only seeing an animation playing from the website: look at the url.
 this is some kinda pshining method. When the scan is completed, a "Windows Security Alert" seems to pop up, although in reality you are still on the website. Clicking the "Remove All" button, which seems to be the reasonable thing to do, actually prompts the download of "install.exe".

Hackers use different method to increase their clicks to their site and so that they will get on top of the search engines. This is nothing but the same thing that people do in search engine optimization. Yes but profesionals do it in a profesisonal way while hacker exploit the vulnerabilities of other site.

Using the poor POST and GET validation methods, hackers can insert active javascripts and Iframes in the pages of victim sites. So when ever a click goes to the victims webite one or two or more free clicks are gone to the hackers site.

see the image. site belongs a one company. but the script inside open another php page that does not belong to this website or company.

 god only knows what up to. cheer and play safe. oh dudes thats and indian site !

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In house Plants

For some reason , i decided to make a in houseplant in my living room. For this i had to do little bit of research. Houseplants, also called indoor plants, brighten up our home or office. Caring for houseplants makes for a great hobby throughout the year.

First reason for this attempt is that i was gifted with two planter vases from a friend. Its really a costly thing and can be found in rare interiors. Its neither 100% fibre nor 100% plastic. But it is having a cool pattern and design and has got that unusual stuff kinda feeling that people ask, from where u bought this?

Ok. no its time for the worst part - some theories.. 

4 main reason that kills the plant:
1) not opening the curtains in the room they are in so they don’t get enough light
2) putting them in rooms or corners of rooms where there is very little natural light, even when he does remember to open the curtains
3) underwatering or overwatering (it depends on the plant, but generally once a week with enough water to make the soil damp but not soggy seems to be about right. Don’t leave them sitting in water – i.e. with water in the saucer under the pot – unless either they are bog plants and really need a load of water or you have left them to dry out so much that any water you pour on the soil goes straight through).
4) Keeping the room they are in too hot or cold, house plants generally like to be about the same temperature as people do.

The benefits of indoor gardening are numerous. Good air is provided by indoor plants that take in carbon dioxide (which you exhale) and in turn release oxygen for you. Indoor plants also brighten the room, providing a cheerful sight for those grey and often dreary winter days. Bougainvillea, star jasmine, passion-flower, hoya, and stephanotis are but a few of the many vining plants that can be grown as house plants and that -in season-favor you with colorful or fragrant bloom, as well as perennially pleasing foliage. You’ll need to provide all of these plants with higher humidity (50 percent) during the cold, winter months. When summer comes, a shady, out door location will keep them healthy until cold weather makes its appearance.

I have one more Vase, its white. I am going to plan Jasmine in that. :)

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