Monday, August 26, 2013

Caught up in a moment

This was an experimental shoot. And lucky enough i was able to get this moment.
Water spray.  

Memories which recoverd.

This obsession towards the awesomeness of amazing photographs was there for a long time. Changes are happening. Incidents, activities, moments that can never be returned. It is there in every body's life. No one remember to get a piece of it to keep it in your wallet at-least for a few ample of time.

Considering our childhood days, it very easy now a days to keep the moments with you. Everybody is having a cellphone with camera. When is the last time your took the picture of your loved one? or the last time you took your happy little ones birthday party in your camera? 

I remember taking photos in a VGA camera which is owned by my friend when i was in school.
I dont know where is all those pictures. May be its there in the CD bundles which I left in my home. After seeing all those stupid funky face returning to life after a long time through facebook, i felt really missing. Good old school days. Lately now some of our friends who kept this precious moments with them started showing up in FB and i was like .. oh m GOD ! he/she still keeps it. Look how kiddy we all were. Now few of my lady classmates have kids of that age which we were in those photos. It was absolutely amazing. 

Since that moment, I realised how important is to keep all those little small memories in life. After all we get amazing jobs, we get family, we get busy in life. Still we may miss those days which we left. I decided to keep them alive. Next thing on the list of thing to do when i get back home it to dig everything back. Recover all those which is possible. I dont care how much Data space I need to spare. And i just bought a new camera to keep my memories alive :) cheers. 

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