Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Levitation Photography tryouts

Practically impossible photos. That's what people call for these kind of photography technique.
And you need some who is not so shy to try this out in a public place. It keeps the amusement, make people to stare again and again to make sure what they see is correct.

Here you need a plan. You need to visualize the image in your mind before you click. Minimum two images of the same frames. One with subject and the other one without subject. Then you merge it together and get rid of the unwanted portions. Take care of the shadows and reflections. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

HDR photography again

When you are dooing HDR cooking of multiple exposure images always make sure you dont do over cooking.

Here is a small illustration of HDR image

Many tutorials are available in the internet. Just google HDR processing or techniques.
some of the world class items just for inspiration. http://www.hdrprocessing.co.uk/
http://hdrsoft.com/. By the way you need to know the state of the art image processing application software liek photoshop or light room . 

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