Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Office day happenings !

Today afternoon, while we were working at the desk our Boss came in into lab and asked "who all like to hear songs while working. " ......... Every one was looking at each others face and they were like "Phew___!" Nobody responded for sometime. I think every one was confused.

But the truth is that, tomorrow onwards i am going to work hearing songs. Well I seems to be a cool idea especially for those who spends hours in front of computers. Today evening we got that sound system and the Admn guys were busy installing sound drivers on one of the TL system.

And here is my new ID Card.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Out fit ...

I just joined a new concern. Datasure India Pvt td. Executive Engg in IT. I couldnt make it up to this blog for couple of days. I think i missed u all. And also I was totaly busy. Now everything is getting settle down.

Its like, these problems seems to be never ending. Some problems here at home. Some problem with my studies, Some problem with career, Some problems with this, Some problem with that... What to say, i'm confused, totally.

Right now. a bit afraid to take decisions. May its because i'm not used with these kind off things. May be i'm too young, May be I should have tried to act like a grown up. May be I should need some help rather than some uselss freely available advices, which dont worth penny for the one who gives and the one who take it. Yeah i mean it. I dont need fkn advices. I need help.

Alright .... i'll go straight to the matter.

Its really funny that I'm feeling "caution" symbol every where. Every thing is strange. I mean i'm confused. I don't know. I just don't know, what to. May be I should take advantage of others weakness. May be I should sleep now.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Situational show...

Year 2005, First year, second semester of my college life. Time : the class period (chemistry) just after lunch time.

I returned from my room as usually after having the lunch. Jishar and rafeek were getting ready to go to college. Mahesh has gone already on their bike. I took my seniors bike and went. Its already late and chemistry lecturer is already in the class. Now its my turn and I showed up with an excuse and got in to my seat. I was waiting for the others two guys hoping for a real show coz them being late to class.

The chemistry lect: started to open a bundle of papers. Every one in the class started praying. those papers are nothing but our answer sheet. He started to call one by one as roll numbers. Now I was getting worried. I know how well did i write the exam. I was getting more worried because jishar and rafeek is not showing up. We were together while we wrote the exam and I also know how well they wrote. U know, being roomates, we can say, none of us studied anything.

"Roll no 35 : jishar" Lect: called.
Everyone was looking at our bench. I used to sit in between both of them.
" Absent sir " I said.
"will he come ?" He is very concerned about the late coming habbit of us.!
" yeah.. they are coming. they are on their way "

He just went through the pages and that was only 3 pages, I can count that. He look at me and said " Tell ur friend to come and meet me at the staff room to get this paper". And he crushed those papers into a ball shaped thing and kept on the table.

He continued to next number. And finally reached Roll no 47. Thats my number.
Everyone started starring at our bench again. I looked at the Lect:, he was looking at me. When I walked to him Ican see he crushing my papers into another ball. I happly received it started walking back to my seat.

Roll number 48. Thats rafeeks number. I looked at the door. I could see any thing there. I said "Absent sir" . I heared some of the girls giggled.

"Come here and take this. Give to ur friend if he comes." I can see him crushing rafeeks paper into another ball as I walked to him. I was having my 'paper ball' on my right hand I had to receive it in my left hand. Now almost 40 % of the class was laughing and enjoying the show.

I quietly went back to my seat again. On half the way, he called me again. " Come here and take this also." He pointed the third paper ball, thats jishar's sitting on the table.

I went there and tried to pick it up using my fingers as i was already holding two paper each in each hand. Lect helped me and I hold it under chest and went to my seat.

The entire class was lauging like they never laughed. It took some time to settle down. I was in a moral dilemma whether to laugh or to go angry. Totally purplxed.,

"sir, may i come in " heared a voice at the door.
When the laughing was just about to settle down, there come the two great souls who made me a joker infront of the class. With a weired smile on their face, to cover up that they are late, with no damn idea what just happened here.

The only thing I could hear next is a burst of laugh which lasted for few minutes.
Even the Lect: was lauging that he could not say a single word. The staffs from next classrooms were peeping out to see whats happening. !!

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