Sunday, December 9, 2012

Global village Dubai - 41st National day celebration

Global village Dubai - 41st National day celebration It was an awesome experience.  around 90 countries from different part of the world is here, exhibiting their products and services. This is a world market place.

I was able to record a clip of the fireworks during the national day celebration. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Define a goal.

If you want to get success in your life, you should have a ultimate goal with in a specified range of time. Thats what we used to define as a GOAL. This is the key for the improvement and growth. You need to find the goal. Then only you can underline the word you are improving.

Likewise while defining a goal there are many target you need to meet, there will be many obstacles you nee to tackle. Consider your Goal as you play in football. This is an excellent example we can compare our life goals to. You will have your colleges, friends and family to help you just like your team mates. You will have to face a lot of opponents as you can see in the opposite team. You will have to use tricks, skills and even take drastic move to maneuver your targets. And when you start achieving small targets your will reach near your Destiny or Goal. Even if you try all these, last moment you'll geta 50 - 50 chance to make it or loose it. Thats how it works and thats the rule defined.

The main objective is a goal. Just dont care how you reach the goal. A life with out aim is like a floating wooden piece in a river. That means you will reach somewhere in the end. But it might not be as you expected. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be proactive

Since i started reading the book of steven covey , titled as seven habits of higly effective people, made me to remind myself what i was missing. we all need recharging and sharpening our tools. we all need objectives, targets and goal. we have to be ambitious in a good way.

There are two types of people in this world who matters. they are effective people and efficient people. If we are a professional, most probably we all must be efficient. That means we can do a particular job with high quality of accuracy. If you are an engineer, you can fix things. If you are a doctor, you can fix diseases. If you are a teacher, you can teach students very well. In general we all are efficent peoples in one way or another. we are good at what we do normally.

But this is not enough. Ofcourse you can live with it. The term effective people comes here in play at this moment. what is the concept of effective people?

simply it means the person who can find a better solution than normal usual things. Failture is not an option for those people. They wont say " this is all what i can do". They says "there must be a better way to do this". They will think out of the box. Instead of wasting resourses and energy they will beat the targets. They act to the points. They dont beat around the bush.

This effectiveness is one of the first habit mentioned in that book. Be proactive. dont waste your sharp tools beating around the bush. be specific and be smart. There is always another way to solve issues. think.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

what i want..

i found out what was missing.
and i look it up
and at this very moment
what i want is what all i got.
i found what i dreamt off
and i look it up
and at this very moment
what i want is what i got
this person's is looser.
he is lucky is a looser.
no where he go is looser.
oh he even is looser
u got a bad day looser
get a life looooooooser
--- lines from radio. back to good old days. i miss my blog.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The someone special !

Finally the day had arrived and left. Exacty saying, june frst of year 2012. This might gonna break some hearts here ;).But what todo.. :) I got engaged to wonderful, amazing charactor in this beautiful world. A lioness (i dont know what we call for a female lion) in her home and a 'lovely pety kitty cat' when she is with me.

She is tall, beautiful, smart and intelligent... wait not soo intelligent ;). Yeah you know why? some time she ask some stupid question like "whom do you love the most? me or your mom?". :D I took four days thinking how to answer that question. And still its an open question. :D Anyone interested to help me out please...?

The feeling of being romantic is totally different. Being its nature is purely natural. Remember that a little love goes a long way, Remember that a lot ... goes forever.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Purposefully forgotten

Colors was once obsessed by me. there where a time when poems where written in colors. It was simply hidden.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boring Facebooking

FACEBOOK is boreing. I dont know when I actually realized this. I dont know the person who said once in one of the interviews in TV, that "some people dont know how to use a social networking site". I want to correct him. my point is "most of the bloody Indians dont know how to use a social networking site".

People are posting some attitude stuffs, politicals stuffs, relegious stuffs, And mainly the 1000000000 years old wits and jokes mixing with some recent pictures which is always available freely on googling.,utter boreing romantic 2 liners which are posted by most of the so called popular girl, some gays with fake profiles. Simply speaking, all the idiots who dont even know how to fill up a signup form is having a facebook profile. And is clicking every single links and, add as a friend button and they are  re posting somebody's family photo in their profile.  :| WTF !!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another new year !

Sorry am late ;) Hoping this year would be just fine. There is a whole lot to explore which i have been longing for and i dont think  there will any other good chance better than this coming year. I got a huge bundle of pan.

And this is the occasion where some of us will probably go and check the archives for our last year resolution. Since we all keep a note on all new year resolution. Wait :)  Its 84% done and am happy with that. yes rest should be used for paying of the laziness. And most important thing, few new friends, even though mere acquaintanceship, still keeping touch. Thats whats really sweet. Some people have forgotten everything. What to do!  not everyone is so important in life. Should we care? Its social life. people come, people goes, few stays. Now what we do is we take care of those who are still in the list of "few stays". I really dont care. But there are some dudes really did the "dump". Shit happens, yeah but for those who with average IQ, it happens for only one time. Thats all, thats it. 

And guess what this new year we started with few of my good old friends. yeah three of them are already in here now. Two of them also got job .. sooooo what to say. Guys....  its gonna be a bachelors party on every thursday evening to saterday night. And this is what I like about this new year.

Wish you all guys a happy, great and good year ahead. Remember, listen to your heart, not to your brain. everythings gonna be alright. 

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