Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Life acts. You react.

If you have the right map of berlin, then diligence becomes important, and when you encounter frustating obstacles along the way, then attitude can make a real difference. But the first and most important requirement is the accuracy of the map.

In any life situation you are always responsible for at least one thing. You are always responsible for the attitude towards the situation in which you find yourself. Your attitude is your reaction to what life hands you. You can have either a more positive or a more negative attitude. Your attitude is under your control and can be changed. With the right attitude you can be a resilient person. cheers.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Making your life beautiful

Small things teach me best the lesson, that is so simple, delighted, wonderful and keep the element of amazement. Just like a blowing breeze. It continues on blowing, even if you care or dont. Those who have the sense to see that or listen it these small things get the benefit out of it.

See some example.
“I have a new sandals.” One three year old girl would pull the jeans.
“My shoes is blue.” Another boy would pipe up.
“Wow!” I’d say stopping long enough to look at their shoes. I’d get to observe little stuff so I can continue the conversation. “I see a flower in your sandals. Did your mommny buy this for you?” or “There are lights in your rubber shoes. Wow! Can you walk so I can see the lights blink?”
Your beautiful life is happening NOW! Don’t miss out. Stop and take a deep breath. Look around and see your life as it is, right now. There are so many incredible things we missed, because we are on overdrive, or thinking about the future. Stop and smell the roses! Hey, didn’t some else say that? How many are there who really care about you?

You already have more than most people. You may not be where you want to be in your career or even have the relationship of your dreams. But, you already have a lot. Be grateful for your health, your creativity, for your friends, family and for the promise your future holds. The more grateful you are in the moment, the more you receive in the future. 

Last but not the least, keep your Mom and Dad happy. Keep your bros and sises on your sides :) Enjoy the tension and toughness of relationship. For the sake of truth that even if  no one really cares about you, you dont have to even worry about those. Smile and see whats worth trying.

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