Monday, August 31, 2009

A boring holiday

Some thing was not right today. I was sooo bored. Its onam holidays here. I hate holidays. I took a pencil, and a page. I just wanned to draw something using that. I had good start. but it was bad... Any way its just a bad picture. Forget it... Thing is that i dont want to waste the pages in this beautiful and my dearest diary. I have nothing to write, nothing to draw. I am tired, and i cant sleep. My mind is out of order.

I read a book of APJ abdul kalam, Former president of India - wings of fire. That was an interesting and inspiring book for young generations. I liked the way he pictured each and every incident in his life and how worth was it. He is true. The future is in hand of us. But its the wolf inside us, which we feed, decide the future, of us and our country.

He can say those because he got people to listen to what he says. But what am I. Nobody care even if I shout at them. 'I am too young to take decisions and too old to being playful'. The reasons they can blame me for something is abundant. Of-course I was utter mischievous and playful when I was a kid. Those days are over. But a lot of people still treat me like a kid. How irritating !

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