Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Gamer in me

Hai fellas. If u feel like you want to kill time... This is the right place. Welcome to gamers world. Again welcome to Urban terror (UrT). This time i wanna introduce one of my favorite game. A free online game make me go crazy when started playing.

I used to get a lot of criticism, especially from my dad and friends, do to the gamer inside me. They say I'm wasting my time by playing game.... Thing is that they dont know the fact that i'm killing my time as I want to avoid the gossipings and talkings. Bye the way its true, i dont like talking and i dont talk much with others. I feel like out of words. I have tried it many times and most of the time end up in some kinda stupid situations, like i'm in a world that i dont have any fkin words to put it. Or may be u can say 'a subject worth others to keep their interest of talk on'. Most of the time that continuity of talk end with my suggestion and others wont get a thread to carry on the talk. But there 'll a lot of chances that others can laugh on what i said. So i always try to avoid talks and keep my self busy with laptop and the games.

lets get back to subject. This game is just wonderful and its 100 % free to use and distribute. But for newbies its gona a little tougher, coz most of the players who play online'll be pros and hard core gamers. U can install it in windows as well as linux. But i dont know about rest of the os. Require moderate configs. . but u'll require a faster net connection... The game will work as 1 server and few clients. Its even possible to host a server in ur office or home network and connect to this.
Depending upon ur IQ, reflex and how cool u r with ur mouse, u can choose a wide range of weapons. That includes these... look this pic below. Nades, medic, knife and pist0Isss as weII !

When getting int0 business, the soldier inside will come out. Only thing u have to worry that, u'll need a perfect pair of headphones to make out, where the bullets are coming from the silences PSG, M4, AK, Uzi and mp5. Quality of sound - perfect, but u wont here gun shots when ur enemy is hiding somewhere with a silencer on it. Here are some screen shots. Enjoy the ride. Bye the way my call sign is 'sniffffer'. Save it now. There wont be enough time to get acquainted there... ;) .

HaII ways are the best pIace t0 hide !!

AKs are my best, sharp and accurate f0r spraying buIIets !

HU HU !! Nice dance !

Damn, I hit my team mate t00000 !

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Jenalyn said...

hey.. how are ya? i have orkut.. add me up.. my email add there is thanks :D

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