Sunday, August 30, 2009

Their bad... luck *

Ist year college day sports. Time, midday around 1. Almost exhausted by running under in hot sun. I was playing mid field on the right wing and had to stay behind the center line because of the offenders. Neither team scored yet. 3 minutes to go the final whistle.

Their Last attack was through the left wing, they missed their pass while intercepted by our 2 quarter backs. The goalkeeper had only choice to make a divert by tackling and pushed the loose ball to me where I was reaching for a defense from my position. I could easily collect the ball. when I turned around for a sprint I saw 3 guys of opposition onto me. I get rid of the first guy with a fake move. the second and third was together, and there was not enough room to make round about.
I looked for a help.

I saw our striker around on center line, not covered. I wanted to reach the ball to him. I had only a single choice. I pushed ball forward for a two step distance, started a short quick step to kick it with rest of the energy I had. By seeing my take off second guy who is approaching from front paused and covered his hand over his head. Third guy bend down to avoid the hitting of ball if i kick it. I didnt expected that move. All I wanted is to not to let them take ball from me. The ball flew in air and took a slight bend and descended.

Our striker collected it with his chest and That could hurt a little bit. I thought he is going to take a free sprint as there in nobody to support him. But he stopped the ball. I think he was exhausted. He looked at the enemy goal post. He was like 'he wont be able to breach their defense alone' and thats just a mere fact! He just pulled the ball into air and kicked it full force.

That was a long & slow way the ball traveled. Every body watched with open eyes and open mouth. The goal keeper of them was struggling to make out the flight. The ball pitched a few meters in front of him and bounced again. That was just a height the keeper could grab it. I thought he got it. The ball flew, reached its height, and descended. The ball just kissed the fingers of the goal keeper and fall into the goal post. The crowed paused their cheering for a second. what happened ! we were looking each others face. we didnt laughed. we didnt cried either. I saw our stupid striker holding his both hand over his head. Every one was like "what the **** ".

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