Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a daily routine.

Just to keep doctor and chemicals away from my body. I waste rest of my energy on every day after 7.30 . After 2 hr workout, and food, I'll get a sleep thats so deep and refreshing. I even forget to dream about anything.

And Next morning .... will be just a FRESH morning.

This gym instructor never allowed any one to take a pic. But some how i was able to convince him. Its very spacious and worth a lot of machines... I love this place


Jenalyn said...

Hello.. Thanks for commenting on my last blog. Anyway, I like your page. So you're in college right now, and so am I. Lol. =)

Closed eyes... said...

Bitter truth here with the new blog. Had to delete the old one for some reason.

Workout is always fun and it's SO much soothing. Love it but barely get time during college to go regularly! :/

(: ♡♥CoNvErSe--SMiLeS™♥♡ :D said...

Ha (:
All I do is the Bicycle with my legs which get rid of or prevent belly fat which apparently I kind of have.
And that is such a pretty cool work out place.
That's good that you work out.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm i agreee..

if i show you the pictures of the gym i go to, you would definitely envy me :)


Shafi said...

@ Jenalyn

Hai... ummm actually i just finished my college this year, just 1 month. :)... and thanks 4 visiting.

Shafi said...

@ Closed eyes...

Y did u change ur name and blog ??!! Thats totally unnecessary

Shafi said...

@ (: ♡♥CoNvErSe--SMiLeS™♥♡

Belly ! .. I do have the same problem. Thats the main reason too. :)

Shafi said...

@ Mahesh Sindbandge

lol... whatever.

I wont play more than 6 workouts for a single day... :)

anupama said...

dear shafi,
really good;so a healthy mind in a healthy body?
lucky you're to get that deep i envy?noways..........
relax and enjoy.good luck.

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