Friday, September 4, 2009

My new Blog Design.

Totally customizable and Decent Cool Looks, these were the things that I had in my mind while I was searching for new template. By the way am on to corporate level now. I think i'll have to change my tweaky - geeky - freaky style to a black and white - gentle man - free style. I hate it though. What so ever, am just PRETENDING it anyway. :D . I am too lazy to start designing from scrach. So I digged this from some other site. This is purely an xml template and supports all addons, widgets and gadgets provided with Google. A simple, small sized, clean and executive looks.

I reduced the Images and css styling to reduce the crowdy feeling. Also reduced the images to a very extend to reduce the traffic speed. No images was just too boring. I actually found this one site and had a feeling that I can customize it and I decided to work on it. The courtesy link is given below. There were many other templates available there. But nothing was so spacious like this.

Well then now I think I actually missed a lot of post from my dear blogger friends and I'll glad if u guys let me know how u feel about this template. Any way if anybody wants the codes please let me know. Its open source ;). I mean anyone can use it for all nonprofitable excuses... :) I'll be 'gladder' if u find any buggs and inform me :D. Thanks for now and see U guys.


Cursed♪♫ said...

Yea. Go ahead and copy :) But the credit goes to me :p
What's up? How are you?

Rahul Jain said...

My god, your template is so messy,please remove off those excess add-ons, and your blogs list goes more than your own posts, your template is nice, but crowded..

and finally,
I've again started blogging again.. after almost two months

Americanising Desi said...

wow... what happened i here Shafi?

Mind Writer! said...

Too many columns! It looks a bit messy. Remove some stuff. :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Yo....its nice but its not cool shafi.

i agree with MW that it looks a bit messy..

3 columns are more than enough..think from reader's do they like it to see....

for example....that tracker of visitor's shud be somewhere down..

After all its u who wants to see it right?


Shafi said...

@ Cursed♪♫

Thanks for that !! U r so sweet.

Shafi said...

@ Rahul Jain

Hey dude... thanks you so much. And i appreciate ur ideas. Really i never thought about crowding the page .. Now i changed those addons..

Shafi said...

@ Americanising Desi

Haaai.. Yeah u know. I'm just trying to be little romantic here ;)

Shafi said...

@ Mind Writer!

Hai.. thank you so much. I changed into 3 column and removed some addons. Is it okay now. ?

Shafi said...

@ Mahesh Sindbandge

I just wanned to know the readers perspective. And thats y I asked. Now i think i got some perspective. And i want to thank u for u for replying sincerely.

And ...

After all its u who wants to see it right. Not me.... ;)

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