Friday, September 18, 2009

A pencil Sketch ...

I have absolutely no idea why i did this sketch. I found this pic in the corner of an old news paper, in which something was packed using that paper. I just reproduced it. I was looking for a good name for this pic. Since this pic has no 'intentions' i cant find a name. So i thought, I should give that to u people. So here is the deal. U suggest a name. The best one will be choosen.... ! :)

Ok now... lets get back to something else. Actually i forgot to post this before. I was returning from my college. I was in railway station. My friend went to take the tickets and it was almost 2 in midnight. I was getting sleepy. and i found all seats were already filled with sleeping people. We got the ticket and went to platform no 2. Situation was the same with the seats there. We have to wait 1 more hour for our train. I was so tired and my eyes were too sluggish to focus. I stood there, struggling to open my eyes. After a few minutes, i found 'this guy' appearing from somewhere around the corner. He searched for something.... and he was like he got it. He sat there, stretched his arms and legs, gave out a big yawn.....and started to sleep nicely lying there.

Can u imagine that. !!!

Even though i have paid enough for the sleeper class tickets including waiting charge, platfrom charge, and even insurance, I was not able to even sit somewhere. And this guy was soooo coool like he own that place. No tickets and Nothing to worry.

My anger was rising like hell. I really really wanned to kick that stupid dog.


rachana shakyawar said...

This is first time poping up ur blog which is simply great!

And as far as the title of the pencil sketch is concerned...i randomly felt to name it as "Eternal Thrist"..!!

Keep the spark Alive..
Rachana Shakyawar

Anu...:) said...

How about "Doe(s) and don'ts"? (Well sorry,was just trying to be funny)

Nice post.And a nice sketch.Very sweet!

Mind Writer! said...

Hey Shafi, don't dare to kick that dog. Dogs are darlings... :D

Just imagine, your life gave you many luxurious opportunities, which also took away some of your sleep. But that street dog was couldn't afford luxuries, so at least it deserves to sleep.

The name of the sketch: "See, I made a very good sketch, :D"

Escapist said...

Oh the pictures are good....i would hve def. kicked off the dog.


Viji said...

Hey Shafi, lovely sketch....

What to name it?? In a way it's good to leave it to reader's imagination:-).

How about 'You Name It"!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Wow..thats anice pencil work u did...

Hey thats ok.....thats the diff b/w us and them....
After all dos are so can u get angry over them?

chill.... thats ok :)

Shafi said...

@ Rachana Shakyawar

Hai... Thank you so much.

Ok... Eternal Thrist is good. !! I never even thought about such names. Seems work.

Shafi said...

@ Anu...:)

Hai .... Anu.

ha ha ha. Its ok, I like that too. This is a total privileged one. All names are welcome.

Shafi said...

@ Mind Writer!

U got the message of my post!
Well I was also thinking the same way. But I want to know the views of others.
I just want to share helpless situations of mighty creation of god when compared to a street dog !! For some reasons they are blessed.
And well.... Thats a different type of name. Sounds good.

Shafi said...

@ Escapist

Hmmm... It seems U R the only person who can understand my feelings at that situation. ;)

Shafi said...

@ Escapist

Hmmm... It seems U R the only person who can understand my feelings at that situation. ;)

Shafi said...

@ Viji

Okay.... thats interesting! 'U name it' can be a different type from usual names. It can be used to say my idea of letting others to name it. :) Nice !

Shafi said...

@ Mahesh Sindbandge

Yeah .... man. Dogs are sweets.

But even if it is my friend in place of that dog, I would love to kick him too. I was in such desperate condition. !

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

so finally i am here and nice sketch there buddy.. btw, drop a mail @ pls. :) id needed !

Anonymous said...

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