Friday, September 25, 2009

Along with Kiddies

I dont know why most of the kids in my family like me. Even the most crying kid in family become comfortable with me with in few minutes after getting acquainted. I have to say my grand family have hell number of kids, in different sizes that can run between my legs.

I noticed that most of the kid come to me with a punch or kick or something like fighting action, when ever we meet. Some used to hang on my neck, especially two guys. Some used to hang on my hand and ask me to lift them up in air. Some girlys used to check my shirt pockets and always follow me holding my pants or fingers. Little grown ups, will be fighting for my cell phone to get new songs and play new games.

Yesterday when i went to my mothers house. I used to keep my shoe on the doorstep. When i was about to leave my shoe was missing. A 4 yrs old kid found my shoe was much comfortable to him and he was wearing that and he was running around the courtyard with that in his feet !

Since Sunday was off, I took some of them to the beach as Eid trip which I promised them. we spent whole evening out there. I spent a whole night to clean up my car entirely from the sand.


Anu...:) said...

Nice pics...and cute post!:)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Amazing pictures !!!!
Maybe you'll make a nice dad :D

Swapna said...

Sweet post! You write from your heart.

You might like this.

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