Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nature through a 50 mm lens

Due to some unforseen circumstances I had to leave to my home country for a small vaccation just for two weeks. The last minute preperations and hassle went bit out of plan and was not able to finish all thing which i was planned to do. Getting in the middle of nowhere traffic block was an awsome experience. Just link any other trips, my plan was to get maximum clicks. Even though time was limited, I have to admit every single efforts payed off. I want to share few of my best shot in this blog post. feel free to use these images if you want.

After reaching home i didnt get much time to roam around with camera. The schedule was bit tight and there was a lot of things to be done. And it started raining the moment we reached home.
The vegitation after the first week of rain is like very beautiful and awsome. All the trees and plants budding with new lively leafs and flowers.

Actually i was amazed to see the low light performace of the 50 mm nikkor prime lens. Amazing quality. Bhokhelisious pics. wide colour range. The 24 Megapixel crop sensor and 50 mm lens was at its best combination.

All theseimages are as shot and directly downloaded from camera. The quality might be losed de to mighty compression of jpeg formats. But trust me. 50 mm is the best. Buy one if you done have one.

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