Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer desert heat 2015

This was a planned trip into the middle of a desert. The entire event was so adrenaline filled. I was not sure to make it up to the event in time due to heavy schedule at work. luckily i was able to finish on time and called my friends and gave confirmation the i will joining. My policy towards work will remain same high priority. jokes and fun apart, i respect my job seriously and do what ever it take to get it done. More over my friends are the one who should know about this policy of mine rather than any one else. There are times i was not able to reach one time due to unforeseen incidents. After all we all are engineers. This is the way we decided to live.

This trip was an evening trip towards the desert on the fujairah Dubai high way. The event host confirmed that there will be a small stretch off roading also. But any car can do. Not necessary to have a four wheel drive to get there. So I decided to my civic to go for this ride. I have invited couple of my friends along. But unfortunately not a single on seems to be interested in having a pleasure trip in desert :P. Honestly speaking its a bloody desert what the FISH you can see there and who the FISH want to be there while sun @ 35*C ? of-course you might have the same thought about a desert. While you have to see it through the eyes of a photography enthusiast. then you can see the difference. I believe there are things you should see and feel before you go for the sleep.
 otherwise desert will say .. You missed me.

The funniest part was getting somebody car in the sand and pulling it out. The lesson to be learned is donot take your saloon/sports car on to sands. Unless you are accompanied by a 4 wheel-drive 4 liter engine. Another funniest part of the event was that you dont have necessarily have a camel to shoot a camel. You can have a toy camel to get that done lol. See the images below and see you can feel the difference. 

Another interesting thing about the golden sand and yellow sunlight is that you can take amazing portraits. Just imagine a portrait with sandy dines in the background. How awsome it could be. Not desert is asking you "Did you miss me ?"


Mingled Minds said...

amazing pics .... good luck

Shafi said...

Thank you .. :)

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