Thursday, July 16, 2015

A rock band - Thaikudam Bridge

This post is definitely not going to be an interesting one for you  if you have never ever tuned to the music of this band called Thaikudam Bridge. I am frequent listener of the FM radio shows while on the traveling or driving. And came across this particular Rock music in Malayalam and was quite impressive with the composition of that particular song. The name of the song "Fish Rock" and was from a new band called "Thaikudam Bridge". To be honest that, this one was a real hit in south India and most of the young bloods would have probably enjoyed it just like us.  I personally could resist sharing their work. This is the one I liked very much and its a live show. Even i came to know names of different fishes in malayam from this song :D

This band is a Kerala based music band, founded by cousins Govind Menon and Siddharth Menon. The band became first famous through the musical show Music Mojo, which is telecast on Kappa TV and their own composition "Fish Rock" which became popular through social media networking sites and YouTube

Then searching on you tube, found these real good cover song from the lines of old classic Malayalam movies. I couldnt believe myself these songs can be re-done in such a make over. 

They have done great job on remaking the lines of different nostalgic ever green songs of malayalam movie industry into a real beautiful piece of art. I dont know how many of the old school music legends in the industry can digest this particular concept. But it is nice and the youth have really taken it with them. 

And just one more song that i cant resist hearing over and over. 

Hoping to see similar new innovation and initiatives from Thaikudam bridge and wishing all the best. 

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