Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Expresoo attituderia .

Like i mentioned in one of my previous post, its really fun to watch angry people. Its more fun making them pissed off !.

This incident happened in one of the supermarket. OK me and my friend was on our routine shopping. Just bought few things. Few things means exactly chocolate, few cool drinks and banana fries.

On the way to the payment  counter i was busy with my phone and i had to my both hand for speedy chatting. I was standing behind a family and they just finished their billing and waiting for the packing and payment. I was about to put my stuff on the desk in front of the cashier just to get my hands free.

I dont know what made this tiny girl behind the desk got angry. She had a freaky look at me and pushed the things in my hand before it reached on the table. Well it fell down . I was really confused. I asked myself .. Did i do something wrong? I found the lady is bit angry. I can see it on their face but I had to ignore everything since i was already busy chatting on mobile with my beloved.

After few seconds i wanted to chat so many things and it was not possible with one hand. I tried to put things again on the table. Again she blocked and said wait. I really didn't understand what she meant. The desk is already empty, why should cannot keep the stuffs on the desk. This time i got pissed off. The guy standing behind me was also looking perplexed. He was also seeing this.

Now this is like an embarrassment. I asked her politely why i can't put this things on the desk. She said you have to wait until she finishes. Well thats an excuse but not quite satisfactory for a brain with reasonable pride. And she was rude. Even with of makeup and she looked really angry. Thats completely wrong!! with all those make up she should look pretty. Now people in the other lanes also started watching me. God .. I felt more embarrassed.  My friend was looking at me like WHAT the F are U Doing !... I told him i didn't do anything.

This is something what you are not expecting from the customer service. We are paying money for the stuff what we are taking from there. They actually invited us to shop from there. People have lot of options today and why we choose one of that option is that we are expecting something beneficial from them. But what if they act like we are an uninvited guest to the fret party!.

Actually what i should have done is to leave everything and return back then and there itself. And i was about to do that, but something just stuck into my mind. This is not the way to have a reply to this arrogant racist behaviour. I am an indian and i want to give a reply. A very good payback.

My friend bought few big boxes of water bottle. 12x1 litre bottles exactly, of different companies and different prices. Lol it really heavy. ;) I put it in a trolly and walked to the same desk. My friend told me to go and he will wait outside. She saw me and her face look so pale. She knew what we were into. I kept my trolley in front of me and walked to the desk and waited. Lol i was busy on my phone calling someone someone from planet Mars and on my other hand i was trying to get the credit card from my purse and it was stuck inside ;) wink wink. In this acting how can i help lifting all the bottle boxes to her desk to read bar code. She was trying to get the barcode reading, and she can't lift the boxes! She became red hot angry and started shouting something in her native language. Thank god ! I can't understand a single word.

It was really fun!. i didn't pay attention and i was sooo busy talking with someone someone from planet mars. Now people from the other lanes also started listening. I just stood there and played little stupid for a couple of minutes. She was jumping and shouting. I didnt move or paid any attention. Its their duty to do the packing right ? :P

After sometime some helper came to the desk and made all the billing work. Lol i was still acting on the phone.

Bottom line is : people ....  realy don't really have to **** with guys with bloody INDIAN attitude! Specially guys in group. We all know angry is a goo and its not something that you should waste on people who are walking by. Some people have plenty of time to play the games. If you feel like you are the boss. You should start paying salary to whom you show your attitude. Thats it. Lets keep it simple. 

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