Thursday, May 15, 2014

Graphics - A New initiative

Guys I would like to introduce you my new photoblog  Its a new initiative started just out of curiosity and keen interest in the subject of Art, in the sense of photography.

This blog will be contributing some clicks to the blogger world. If you find anything useful let me know i will be glad to have a back link for the usage. If you are looking for something special creative ideas. You are welcome to share the Ideas.

Probably i will be sharing some cool tricks and tips of digital photography too.

And oh by default the learning of photography started with a basic entry level DSLR canon 1100 D and now I carry a Nikkon D5300. I have a 18-55 mm kit lense and a 70 - 200 zoom lense. three speedlights ad a remote trigger. A home made umbrella as a flash diffuser and a use the sun glare reflector of my car during the sunny days. And of course a cheap tripod and carry bags and extra batteries. A flash light too.

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