Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In house Plants

For some reason , i decided to make a in houseplant in my living room. For this i had to do little bit of research. Houseplants, also called indoor plants, brighten up our home or office. Caring for houseplants makes for a great hobby throughout the year.

First reason for this attempt is that i was gifted with two planter vases from a friend. Its really a costly thing and can be found in rare interiors. Its neither 100% fibre nor 100% plastic. But it is having a cool pattern and design and has got that unusual stuff kinda feeling that people ask, from where u bought this?

Ok. no its time for the worst part - some theories.. 

4 main reason that kills the plant:
1) not opening the curtains in the room they are in so they don’t get enough light
2) putting them in rooms or corners of rooms where there is very little natural light, even when he does remember to open the curtains
3) underwatering or overwatering (it depends on the plant, but generally once a week with enough water to make the soil damp but not soggy seems to be about right. Don’t leave them sitting in water – i.e. with water in the saucer under the pot – unless either they are bog plants and really need a load of water or you have left them to dry out so much that any water you pour on the soil goes straight through).
4) Keeping the room they are in too hot or cold, house plants generally like to be about the same temperature as people do.

The benefits of indoor gardening are numerous. Good air is provided by indoor plants that take in carbon dioxide (which you exhale) and in turn release oxygen for you. Indoor plants also brighten the room, providing a cheerful sight for those grey and often dreary winter days. Bougainvillea, star jasmine, passion-flower, hoya, and stephanotis are but a few of the many vining plants that can be grown as house plants and that -in season-favor you with colorful or fragrant bloom, as well as perennially pleasing foliage. You’ll need to provide all of these plants with higher humidity (50 percent) during the cold, winter months. When summer comes, a shady, out door location will keep them healthy until cold weather makes its appearance.

I have one more Vase, its white. I am going to plan Jasmine in that. :)

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Mind Writer! said...

What my mom does is she keeps the plants inside the room for few days and then keeps it out on the sunlight for few days. If you have two or three plants to keep indoor then you can exchange places with them, inside the room for few days and in sunlight for some days.

So that the water doesn't get stuck on the pot, my mom always makes a hole under the pot so that the extra water can get through. And to keep your rooms clean you can place a plate under the pot, so that if you find surplus of water, you can clean it up!

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