Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fake scam Mails. 1

Recently when i started using this and etc. My inbox started filling with spam mails. In which most of them where scam mails. I know the fact nobody is going to lend me a single dollar with out any guarantee or assurance that I'll return it. This is a common fact that any one can just think about. Still people are falling for these scams. And of-course I would like to mess around with these people.

Here is the one sample.

fromWestern Union Head Office <>
reply-toWestern Union Head Office <>
dateSun, Sep 19, 2010 at 7:01 PM
subject150, 000.00$ Pick Up

How are you today?

This is to inform you that we have already sent USD5000.00 dollars through
Western Union as we have been mandated to transfer the payment of
compensation the total sum of USD150, 000.00 through Western Union by the
UN government.

In this connection, I tried to call yesterday to provide this information
via telephone in order to avoid the potential for cyber criminals to
laying hold of this vital information, but could not reach you. So I
decided to send MTCN, sender's name and relevant information, so you can
pick up this USD5000.00 so we can send another USD5000.00 tomorrow as you
know, we will be sending only USD5000.00 per day. Please collect this
information and go to any Western Union office near you in your country to
collect USD5000.00 and email us so we can continue with the amount of rest

Mr. Roy Charlton Manager

call or email once I picked up this USD5000.00 today.
Here is the information from Western Union to collect compensation

MTCN: 622 159 4597
Sender's Name: Linda Benson
Question: Honesty
Answer: Trust
Amount: USD5000.00

I am waiting for your call once you pick this transfer

Director of Operations
Western Union ® Moneytransfer

People.. this is one of the mail that i received. By a single glance at this page, i could make it that this mail is written by someone who dont know even how to write an official email.

1. check the mail address. Western union , director of operation dont have his own domain name? that sucks.
2. How are you today? - fk thats none of his business. Who the hell is he to ask me.
3. MTCN details : I dont want to loose a chance to get $5000for free. Who knows if he have actully sent 5000 to trap me in his future plan. So , i checked it online, (a bit opportunistic :P hi hi hi .. 5000 $ yummy).
but here is the result. Bit disappointing.

4. Thats a phone number!!. If this scum was in my country, I would have fooled him around like anything. Any way i have one Voip going to expire soon, will call him. Lets see how it  goes.

this is just one example.

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Heavenly Muse said...

so life is full of scams,.. insurance scams... credit card scams...and cyber scams...( i wonder is there really any term like it )
have a nice time

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