Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unexplained Is Not Inexplicable

A lot of unanswered "why" type question from a kid made me really got irritated. I thought why this kid want to know all these stuffs? and some question made me sit like a stupid coz i dont have an answer, i mean i was not able to explain things. I was sure the questions are pretty cool and ofcourse demand an answer. for each questions these kid ask, i needed a few minutes to think. I'll give an example. "Why all fans are rotating to one side, why not to the opposite side?". A decent normal question which can be expected from an interviewer. Another one. "why people are saying 'sun rise in the east'..? isnt it 'east is the place where sun rises' ? ". 

Many people are overconfident enough to think that if they cannot explain something, it must be inexplicable and therefore a true mystery of the paranormal. An amateur archeologist declares that because he cannot figure out how the pyramids were built, they must have been constructed by space aliens. Even those who are more reasonable at least think that if the experts cannot explain something, it must be inexplicable. Feats such as the bending of spoons, firewalking, or mental telepathy are often thought to be of a paranormal or mystical nature because most people cannot explain them. When they are explained, most people respond, "Yes, of course" or "That's obvious once you see it." Firewalking is a case in point.

People speculate endlessly about supernatural powers over pain and heat, or mysterious brain chemicals that block the pain and prevent burning. The simple explanation is that the capacity of light and fluffy coals to contain heat is very low, and the conductivity of heat from the light and fluffy coals to your feet is very poor. As long as you don't stand around on the coals, you will not get burned. (Think of a cake in a 450°F oven. The air, the cake, and the pan are all at 450°F, but only the metal pan will burn your hand. It has a high heat capacity and high conductivity, while air and cake are light and fluffy and have a low heat capacity and low conductivity.) This is why magicians do not tell their secrets. Most of their tricks are extremely simple and knowing the secret takes the magic out of the trick.

There are many genuine unsolved mysteries in the universe and it is okay to say, "We do not yet know but someday perhaps we will." The problem is that most of us find it more comforting to have certainty, even if it is premature, than to live with unsolved or unexplained mysteries.

But what about the unanswered questions. Last day i went to pay the telephone bill, the time was 2 o clock. the officer said the counter will close at 1 o'clock. I asked "why you are closing at 1 o clock, what you are going to do till 4 o clock? " That was bit loud.  He was looking at me like what the hell.??  He was not sure what to say. I think this is the first time he questioned like this. Since people were watching and i don't want to make a scene there, I didn't waited for his answer.

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