Monday, July 5, 2010

Time to change .. !

Dont u think its little wired to say that i am changing my bloggy's page.. Yeah i think so. By the way am not an utter pessimist to through up my idea all over internet and get noticed by people and media. (I wish though... :( ) .. hell what ever happens here ..nobody in my area or in my place gonna get a clue what i'm doing in my blog. No chance .. No even a single chance. So i'm gonna rip rap and I am gonna copy codes from different templates and gonna create a massacre template here. (wow sounds great !!!)

I mean really some hard core re-engineering, like what we say. There is a famous quote used very often in software industry. "If the feets dont fit in the shoe. Cut the fingers" Thats what am goin do here.

And any way i googled around to look for some thing that i can start with and found this ugly-dugly templete.. I am gonna do little coding.. brush ups, photoshoping and make ups. Hope the real owners wont find me out :D .You know even though this IT rules and acts are pretty good to protect our products, i really hate that.  actually am an openhearted open-sourse enthusiast and i appreciate the concept of technology for all. Like once, when i explained about the term and conditions regarding copyright and copy-protection to and old friend (i mean aged senior citizen) of mine,  he said " technology is nobodies in-laws property, u just do what u want". ( I like that term - in-laws property).

OK after a few research i found its so simple. All we need is html, xml, and css. And of-course some good images.  But i'm not sure about the API that we use like widgets. Well i'll dig into that later. Let me finish the frame work first. and i really have a thing, a feeling towards the white templates. Its kinda cool. and am thinking of video blogging too along with this. And twitter too . anything else?

and oooo, i forgot, Y dont u guys pls put some ideas to work out. :)

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