Saturday, July 10, 2010

Having a summer in Desert

Hi guys and gals... just got into some pleasure trip, to nowhere but in middle of a desert. Its 48 digree outside. Dusty and freezing hot. Yes, exactly in middle of desert. This is the first time am travelling alone in an international flight. Everthing went easy, and especially one of the staff in imigration dept was so cute and soo cool ;). I think she had an eye on me. She was blusing when i asked some doubts. I dont know why.. may be because i acted a little stupid asking stupid question at a stupid time.. or may be :D.. lol *cut*  *cut*..  I should have asked her number :P

This is the second time am in middle east. I was here in UAE with my parents when i was a kid. And i have only few snaps in my memory about it. I could recollect some of those soon i landed here. I am now exactly in Sanaya, Doha. 20 km from Doha international airport. Its an industrial area, were lots and lots of indutrial building spread over kilometers. Its too hot in mid day and not so cool in night. Today i visted a near by mosque for prayer. I just purchased a new sim card, for my mobile phone. and i have to say, when its comaperd to india, here local calls goes around  rupees 5  per minute and 10 rupees for ISD, where in india its too cheap like 50 paise for local call and 7 rupees for international calls.

But rust of the things like startionaries, choclates etc here its very cheap. and the most cheapest thing here is ofcourse, Petrol and Electricity.. :) And in india its going like i hike..

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Mind Writer! said...

The heat must be killing you! Although, have a great journey! :D

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