Friday, June 12, 2009

A word for Destiny & survival !

Today i went to calicut .... searching for my Destiny. Cool roads, i was wondering y there is no heavy traffic today. These raods must be crowded. What happened.

I dont wanna be a looser choosing whats not just that opt for me. A lot of options. Who gets benefited? me or my destiny. After all i hv to trust myself that, I had plenty of playing with difficult times. I tried to stay cool. But When it comes to time when someone ask me "hey, heard u completed Engineering... Whats yo plan now..?" I am going outta mind jus causing diziness in neck. I guess its just as natural as an exam fever that happen in some people. Some times i feel confident and some times i am feeling that i am loosing that.

So what now. I cant say fkn goodbye to everything. I wont be able to get what all i need. Its a sure my dreams are realistic & fkn awesome, never can be achieved with my present situation. I dont care about that. I hv learned to live without regrets for intentionally misguiding my ideological fanaticisms. All i worried is that i dont know what am i going to loose or just what am i missing. I even lost my temper reading a stupid post on a blog....

So today onwards i decided what i need is... just that. I want to stay cool. Stay cooooool. I dont know how! Funny huh. But i'll learn it. What ever it takes.

But hey... i guess. i am not the only person with all these thing in my mind.

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