Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RAP with 640 watts PMPO

Its been a long time that i hv'been thinking of buying a Woofer for my home music system. I had two option 240 Watts S2 pioneer. and a 160 watts kenwood. They coems as a package including box. There were other local brands models also. But thing i noticed is that the price for these local brands were too low when compared to the top model. And the Box is not available with these local models.

Since the store keeper is a friend of mine he suggested me to take the local brand 640 woofer and a Bassboot ampifier and connect. Actually he never tried such one. He asked me if i can do that he will give the ready made spare amplifier circuit. What i have to do is some sodlering work of the filter circuit. I designed bass/filter from there itself on a piece of plastic. It is just a combination of variable resister circuit. it just filter the voltage level to the speakers. Since he is having a lab on his own store that was easy.

So I bought the Apex woofer and came home. I got few pieces of plywood and stared working on the box. I thought 10 mm thickness of the plywood would be enough. And after 2 hours. I finished it.

This is the pic of my design. I tested and the result was a sucess. But there was some problem when the volume is increased to very high, the box is running all over the floor. It doesnt have enough weight to take the beats. Reverberation was OK. No resonance. No howling. It can even shake the doors and windows panels. Now i need to fix some rubber-bush to hold it on to floor. I think i could market this !. And linkin park songs are awsome... wonderful. I think i really missed these beats when its up to RAPPING. ha ha Wow.... BOOOM BBHOOOM.... BOOOM BBHOOOM.... BOOOM BBHOOOM....

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