Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dark and cold nights.....

Nights are always considered as the worst time. Especially in movies and all, the ghost and blood sucking vampires comes in the middle of night. I dont even understand why people is having a misunderstanding here. Why they are afraid of nights or why they are making people to be afraid. It doesnt make any sense to me.

This is a bit different with me. I love walking in the night, and if its a clear sky with moon, i cant resist. I love riding and driving in the nights, especially long drives, When the shadows falls...Then the roads calls me .... through the wide open streets, and the city sleeps.... no one to shout "watch it ...punk" at me. And the moon watches me...smiles at me.

street lights yellow rays hit the roads and reflect into a golden color...where everything near shine as a jewelery shop.... The white divider lines on the road guide me the way.... and a lot more things. this is just beautiful.

Oh ... i forgot to introduce my cute little stereo FM receiver. I Love you all radio jokeys.... of 91.9, 93.5, 101.5, 102.7, 103.5 & 104.6 .


Rahul Jain said...

I too love night..

long walk, long ride (in city limits during nights), empty roads and especially accompained by rain.. with wet roads and awesome and cool breeze, it's just like i'm in my own wonderland

Shafi said...

ha ha ... wonderland ...! Our earth is just beautiful. Fact is that people dont have time to find it out. They are too busy. Thanks buddy

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