Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Define a goal.

If you want to get success in your life, you should have a ultimate goal with in a specified range of time. Thats what we used to define as a GOAL. This is the key for the improvement and growth. You need to find the goal. Then only you can underline the word you are improving.

Likewise while defining a goal there are many target you need to meet, there will be many obstacles you nee to tackle. Consider your Goal as you play in football. This is an excellent example we can compare our life goals to. You will have your colleges, friends and family to help you just like your team mates. You will have to face a lot of opponents as you can see in the opposite team. You will have to use tricks, skills and even take drastic move to maneuver your targets. And when you start achieving small targets your will reach near your Destiny or Goal. Even if you try all these, last moment you'll geta 50 - 50 chance to make it or loose it. Thats how it works and thats the rule defined.

The main objective is a goal. Just dont care how you reach the goal. A life with out aim is like a floating wooden piece in a river. That means you will reach somewhere in the end. But it might not be as you expected. 

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Muhamamd Talha said...

Defining your goals are one of the best way to defeat the failure... And a very good way to improve our plans.

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