Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be proactive

Since i started reading the book of steven covey , titled as seven habits of higly effective people, made me to remind myself what i was missing. we all need recharging and sharpening our tools. we all need objectives, targets and goal. we have to be ambitious in a good way.

There are two types of people in this world who matters. they are effective people and efficient people. If we are a professional, most probably we all must be efficient. That means we can do a particular job with high quality of accuracy. If you are an engineer, you can fix things. If you are a doctor, you can fix diseases. If you are a teacher, you can teach students very well. In general we all are efficent peoples in one way or another. we are good at what we do normally.

But this is not enough. Ofcourse you can live with it. The term effective people comes here in play at this moment. what is the concept of effective people?

simply it means the person who can find a better solution than normal usual things. Failture is not an option for those people. They wont say " this is all what i can do". They says "there must be a better way to do this". They will think out of the box. Instead of wasting resourses and energy they will beat the targets. They act to the points. They dont beat around the bush.

This effectiveness is one of the first habit mentioned in that book. Be proactive. dont waste your sharp tools beating around the bush. be specific and be smart. There is always another way to solve issues. think.

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