Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What make you miserable ?

This is a questionnaire..  But this is all about you. The subject of the question is "Have you ever felt like a miserable creature .. ever??"

If your answer is yes. I have few more .. i mean hellalota questions. I think i can find miserable questions for this miserable state of a person, Including me.

How many annoying strangers you have met in your daily travel in public transport.
 No way we're striking up a conversation with the smelly old man in the next seat. We'll plug the iPod into our ears and have a text conversation with a friend or play our DS. Filter that annoyance right out of our world.

Have you ever stuck in the waiting room at the doctor?
No way.. you are least bothered to hit the beautiful nurses, crack some stupid jokes, making those ladies feel like.."yeah theres another monkey". Instead we all busy on our blackberry texting the person sitting somewhere else in the world.

How many annoying friends you have? do their parents scold them if they come to know that your friend was with you on movies bunking the special class?
No way.. you are busy with your tution class, after that you have music class, after that you have yoga, after that you have cultural class. after that you have to sleep. There comes another morning and you are of to school or college.

How many of your friends have you only spoken with online? If 40 percent of your personality has gotten lost in the text transition, do these people even really know you? The people who dislike you via text, on message boards or chatrooms or whatever, is it because you're really incompatible? Or, is it because of the misunderstood 40 percent? And, what about the ones who like you?

Most of our humor is sarcasm, and sarcasm is just mismatching the words with the tone. Like my friend's "No, thank you." He uses that particular word in two ways. I can get the actual meaning of that word only by looking his face. You don't wait for a girl to verbally tell you she likes you. It's the sparkle in her eyes, her posture, the way lean to you and closes her eyes. What you thinking stupid. Thats a message to you idiot.. and that is the best way to deliver that message.

You are not just a miserable creature, if some one insults you. Barking dogs always do it. Let it go. make an excel sheet an mark it every single time when you where called names. Update it every day. See how many people knows you for the simple reason they hate you. An insult is just someone who hates you making a noise to indicate their hatred. A barking dog. Criticism is someone trying to help you, by telling you something about yourself that you were a little too comfortable not knowing.

Do you want to do something in real world and put an effort to take pride of something.. go offline. switch off. Get dirty with nuts and bolts. Get some dirt on your pants.  That feeling, that "I built that" or "I grew that" or "I fed that guy" or "I made these pants" feeling, can't be matched by anything the internet has to offer.

Final word guys.. Internet is 100% business. You are just ignorant as well as blindfolded. 

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