Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catching the heights

Its now getting to the third year after my graduation. May 2009, the last few days in college.  There has been a drastic dramatic changes in my life. This is just a usual case for typical Engineering graduate. If i had used that kind of mental toughness which i used in these two years for my studies when i was is college.. damn. That would have been crazy. But i really did enjoy my college stay. :P . I am not ready to have look back to the past now. This is definitely not a time to enjoy the benefits. I have to push a little more.

Ok 2 years.. I learned a lot. This is the time i realized that theories are always theories and being practical is so tough. So far so good. I am hoping to work with one of the BIG BOYS in the middle east. Thanks to Almighty and also i will tribute this job with an Brand NEW tech blog regarding the I & C that i'll learn in every day. So its gonna be a practical guide for all newbies. For me, the main objective of the blog will be to keep track of the lessons. I wish i could burn some calories out there. Its amazingly boring now a days.

Well .. i think i'll have to wait for few more days. will see how thing goes :)


Mind Writer! said...

You've been working for 2 years? Cool! It feels as if we learn lessons more frequently while in job than in classes! I'm also planning to write a everyday lesson from the new job. Wish you all the best! :)

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Well written...! I went back to my days too. All the best. Do well!

Ayushi said...

Hello fellow engineer :)
I like your blog name a lot :) Not everybody has the nerve to accept that they can pretend, although everybody can :)
Good going :)

Shafi said...


you know, with in this two years i have learned a lot. Making things to get work is different from leaning from some bodies work. Lots of bullying, dipressions, tensions, funs, victories etc. Its always fun! :)

Shafi said...


thanks for stoping by. how was it like your old days? :)

Shafi said...


Fellow Engineer ! I like that :) Most people find their happines in others forgeting the fact that our happiness is fulfilling our dreaming and aim. Since we have nothing to loose when we pretend, Its always a fun !

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