Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Todays lesson

As we all know, People start blogging for some reason. People quit blogging when they feel the blogging is something like a burden to them. I am good listener and dont usually talk too much. Now a days i miss a real good friend. you know the chit chat... just open up thing. :) and when i feel bit depressed and when i feel like i want to talk to someone. I open this blog. I know its weird and stupid thing to do.

And todays reason

Today i was sitting alone for more than 5 hours with a blank mind. Today, practically saying, i have nothing to do. I dont know what just happened to me. I woke up a little late, 9 o'clock, and freshened up and had the break fast. Pulled the chair near the window and decided to take some rest for few minutes. The thing is that i have an appointment 5 o clock and virtually i have nothing to do rest of the day. So bored and feeling restless. I sat there in the chair kept my legs on the grills of the window. Just after few minutes i was thinking about my old days..

I didnt knew the time passing. When i took my mobile to check the time as i was hungry, it was around 3 on the clock. I dont know what i was thinking or what i was starring at. The time just flew away. i sat there at around 10 o'clock. i am hundred percent sure that i didnt close my eyes. I was alive and awake.. but mind went blank.

But rest of the day i was feeling happy. Totally happy.  And I ate a lot this evening. I smiled to everyone who looked at me. God only knows what they would have thought about me. :) . even now i am happy and smiling and feel so free like that sky i saw in morning. i dont know why i am still sooo happy. :)  hi hi hi .... God ! am i out of my mind ???

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