Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its messy out there

I lost my cell phone.. Nokia E61i. He just passed away, with out saying a word. I tried to admit him my nearest service center... but the technicians said.. "If have any one to inform, may be its the right time." I was pretty sure that he wont wake up after he fell from my shirt pocket at a one floor height. Well i tried my best. He was a good friend of mine..for 2 years. I can still remember those days we spent sniffing down wifi spots in bangalore and cochin. He used to keep all my secrets, even my password of 3 bank accounts ATM card, a lot of contacts, all sweet sms that i dont want to delete, all those girls numbers in fake names, All nimbuzz chat friends, Twitter updates, cute little opera mini... Those amazing office tools with him helped me a lot to prepare presentations and notes. He also used to keep my favorite songs and ...

I miss u my friend. But those pictures u took will remain with me and our lappy, as a token of our friendship. oh i forgot I am using ur head phone now with our lappy now. Lappy and our bluetooth miss u so much. see u dude..

I year after graduation. I still dont have my certificate in my have. I am so glad about it. at least i can find an excuse for staying home. Now everything is messy.. i think i have lost my control on the time table that i used to follow. Its seems like this freedom is something what i wanted. No office.. only some freelance Project works and football and rain... sleeping till 10 o'clock, nothing to study, no home work, no hard feeling, no girl friends .. wow. this is nice.
I think i might have lost some of my friends in this blogger world, because i have been sooooooo lazy for these days for posting some stupid stuffs.

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