Thursday, February 11, 2010

Report from malabar fest..

Ok.. i missed the first day. Second day i went there ... and it was awsome. The famous rock band euphoria was the guest yesterday. I tried to click some snaps.. but its too dark and my mobile dont work good at night.

I some how managed to take few snap shot. here are they.

And about the even it is ROCKIN cool. i mean it. the music sound settigns and lights and sea breeze and people.. tourists..! Every thing was awesome.

More reports on upcoming days.

Me and kishor at beach. We coundnt make out a nice place for parking. Al last we rolled into the sand.

The new guy here is Anoop.

This is the food fest. Lots and lots of companies and hotels comes with their best. I tasted a few..

Yes this is schedule posted there. Mr. Yesudas is coming for presentation on 13th.

Yes Mr. Daler Mehandi coming today.. Balle balle....


Mind Writer! said...

What's a Malabar fest?

Shafi said...

Well... Have u heard about a place known as Malabar.. If u dont know .. its region in kerala state, i mean south india.

In every 4 year here, celebrate a festival promoting tourism in south india. Thats what is known as what.. Malabar fest. :)

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