Friday, February 12, 2010

Malabar Festival .... Day 3

I came a little late to beach, because i had to finish some stuff at office. Today is bit more crowded, i mean a lot of people. But the sad news was that Delar Mehandi is not singing tonight, because one of our famous cinema artist Mr. Gireesh Puthancheri died yesterday... for that reason his program is postponed. Today he will be performing at stage..

ok then, we spend some time in the beach and found some Wifi Hotspot. Did some chatting in nimbus from there because there was nothing else to do. on my way to room i came across a celebration in a temple. I think its regarding "Shiv Rathri". And that was quiet a show to watch. and i got some pics for u.. here are they.

this one i took today morning when i went for jogging. I coudnt believe calicut beach is such a quiet place. !!!!

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