Wednesday, July 22, 2009

American Continental Airlines SUCKS !

YES... Americans sucks sometime.

This is pathetic. If this is the case of former president of India, as a poor citizen of India, what guarantee do I have that I'll not be forced to stand naked and asked to bend over for a security check ? Those days are not too far fellow Indians.

Indian laws exempt dignitaries like former presidents, ex-PMs, Chief Justice of India and even Robert Vadra from being frisked at airports.

"As Kalam was about to board his flight to New York around 10pm, he was put through ladder point security under which the former President was frisked completely. He was also asked to take off his shoes, despite accompanying CISF personnel protesting to the airline staff that Kalam was an ex-President and exempt from such checks. While the airline did not budge, the unassuming Kalam went through the process without any fuss. " --- Indiatimes

For me this is not just a protocol violation. More than just a humiliation.

Its great.. they apologised !

"“We have tendered a formal apology and we sincerely hope he will fly with us again,” Continental Airlines said in a statement.

“Our intention was never to offend Dr Kalam or the sentiments of the people of India,” the airline said. “We apologise to Dr Kalam for any misunderstanding and/or inconvenience caused related to the security check,” it added.

“We reiterate our commitment to comply with the regulations mandated by local authorities (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) and US authorities,” the airline said.
--- Indiatimes.


REMEMBER.. ........So shall u reap.! Not every Indian is duff and dump.

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I have a testimonial for u Continental's Assholes... just wait.

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Tanvi said...

wow...someone is really angry...

Who knows american better than someone who spent 5 yrs trying to assist Americans with their credit card balances...hahaha

Shafi said...

Yeah.. u r right.
Most of them dont use brains. Instead they use computers for thinking purpose.

But I am sure. I cannot blame all Americans for some people' behavior. I like Americans, but i dont like the parasitic bureaucrats. They are taking advantage of people.

Bitter Truth said...

Hmmm. Not every American is like that (:

Don't judge. I do agree with the rest of the post. They should have been considerate.

Americanising Desi said...

:) angry is goo!
angry is always goo!

riddhi said...

good the anger is well deserved. I am so glad that you wrote.. atleast someone did. I was planning to write on it myself. But then its easy to sit back and just think. Thank you for actually acting and reacting..

Shafi said...

@ Bitter truth

Sure... But as u say its a bitter truth, that most of the times Indian gets hurted...!

Shafi said...

@ Americanising Desi

My anger may be a gooooo.. 'Angry' is to be expressed. And i do that. But most of the time i regret. But this time I WONT REGRET....! :)

Shafi said...

@ riddhi

Hai riddhi. Thanks for your support. I just said what I have to say. I wont wait for 'turn ups'..

its my right ..
I can say 'I did it"

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Good attempt to show us what really went on..

It is also a good example of how media creates a hype out of issues(i am talking about other stuffs).

Keep writing..

Shafi said...

@ Mahesh Sindbandge

What ever ,It did happen ! right..

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