Saturday, December 13, 2014

Airshow and Action photography from DIPC5 - 2014

The way I took this photo was little different from recommended normal way of shooting fast moving objects. Normally to freez a fast moving object we need to keep the shutter speed at a very high speed. Then you will get the frame where the flying birds are frozen in it.

Lucky on the day the time was around evening and i was having enough light which is from the evening sun. Even at the higher aperture value i was getting decent shutter speed to freeze the motion. 

So keeping the IS0 at 100 and keeping the low aperture Value, l decided to keep the mode on Apreture Priority. so the shutter speed is like somewhere around 1/1600 which is pretty much fast enough. 

The other factors we need to keep in mind is that autofocus. There are many options in autofocus menu. we are shooting a fast moving object as I said before . keeping focus is the most tricky part and it should be on Auto focus continues Servo.

Another factor you need to check is the Release mode of the shutter. We are going to shoot continuously one after another. The fly past will happen within fraction of a minute. You will not get the privilege of a retake . So you have to keep shooting continuously irrelevant to what you are getting. the decision can be made later on from your home to select which is the best shot. keep the shutter running. Most of the camera will have a buffer capacity. So makes sure the buffer is empty. Take a small interval of break between continues shots. lt will help you to let your camera clear the buffer and save it into memory card. of course you will need a class 10 ultra speed memory card to do this Continues shots. Remember the speed of saving each shot into the memory card will depend upon the model of the camera you use and the memory card class. so giving a 2 sec gap between 10 Continues shutter will help the camera to clear its buffer. Otherwise the Frame per second will be less due to not enough buffer and your camera may slow down the FPS. 

Panning and zooming is the next part. Its totally up to your Skill. keep the shutter button pressed clicking and do the magic by adjusting the Zoom. 

Number of focus points. It is also another tricky part you need to play wisely. I personally prefer single point focus. But for newcomers its highly recommended to use all available focus points in auto .

Keep the color mode in Vivid so that you will get all the tints on yellows and blues along with each shot. Later on you can develop in photoshop.

Finally place yourself in a good location where you can target the flights. Trust me you will not see from where they are coming. :)

Happy shooting

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