Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some promises are Always kept

There are situation we truly struggle to get out of it. Where no one can help you out. Situations where you have only one chance, one shot and give it all out to it. Tougher, stressed and constrained. What winners will do? pray... take a breath, and go for it.

Few research on those people who have achieved great things in life is stated me to on conclusion they believe in something or somebody. They have model to follow. Sometimes its very superstitious and can be very funny too. If you can find anyone big sport-star or celebrity, who is not a true believer, then their cunts will be in very low margin. Whats the cause for their success is their beliefs. If we can win our own mind. we are half done our job

well, for me i am kinda person who dont want disturb other for achieving own goals. I believe in a second life, definitely not here in this earth. And i am believer of-course and i do believe in god. There is only one thing that i consistently, regularly pray for.. "Allahumma rabi yassir vala thuassir, rabi zdhnee ilman va-hilman, va-aklan, va-adaban, kamila, Rabi thammim bil Khairi va sa'adha" ... its just a prayer like surround me with, good deeds, good knoweledge, truths, etc.

I used to pray this everytime. I know in this world this is all what u need. but there are situatation that i prayed for something that i wanned to achieve in this world. I real stressful situations and opportunities. I was not blessed for the most of the situation that i go across. I used to fail, he used to fail me :). And as time moves on i used to forget what i have asked and... only come to realize in my later life that decision his was right, when i achieve those targets that i had asked soooo long ago, i had nearly forgotten. I think he knows whats the best time well and way better than me. Yes everything in right time, right place.

To be true to my heart, i used to curse myself in those stressful situations. Now i dont do that anymore. Whatever he gives me, am ready to take up. I'll do it as my responsibility.

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